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Do you believe in psychics?

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In general, I'm not sure.

In this one, no way. The trick is a bit simple.
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Though the idea seemed interesting when I was a child, I don't believe in psychics now. The notion is rediculous. They are all cons. This reminds me of The Randi Paranormal Challenge. http://skepdic.com/randi.html
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I feel we all have a form of intuition especially when it comes to family members, but a physic no.
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I don't believe in this kind. . . this is just a math game of sorts.
I do believe that some people have the ability to communicate with those that have passed. . . . psychic mediums. . . some of them are fakes who take advantage of people (like Madame Cleo!). . . but I feel that some do really have a gift.

Such beliefs are a personal preference. . . . no one should be forced to believe or not to believe in something if it makes them feel uncomfortable. . . like religion. . .

It's good to be open minded (yet skeptical).

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i have to admit i have went to 2 before and i have to tell ya they can tell you all kind of garbage, and that it is (garbage) that has been about 20 yrs. ago and nothing has came about so no i dont believe.
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I think we all have a special connection to the paranormal. Some are more skilled and develop it more then others!
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