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Home safe

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Whew! It took me an hour and forty-five minutes, to get home from work. When I got off, it was very windy and sprinkling. Unfortunately, the sprinkles were just on the side of town, where I work. The rest of the city was being inundated.

Because of flooding, I had to pick my way through town, twisting, turning and backtracking. Bill and I were on our cellphones - he was monitoring the traffic and weather reports on TV and I was listening to them on the car radio. I constantly kept him apprised of my location and and road conditions.

On one major street, I had to turn around and backtrack, several miles. The water would have been over my hood, if I had been as stupid as some of the other drivers. A couple of miles into that backtrack, I had to cut through a parking lot, to avoid flooding. Before I got to the next light, the word came on the radio that that intersection had been closed.

Reports kept coming in, about swift-water rescues - some in the middle of town! Traffic lights were out at almost every major intersection, wrecks, drowned cars and downed power lines were everywhere.

What is normally a 20-minute, 11-mile drive turned into an odyssey. My nerves were jangling, by the time that I got home and, boy did I have to pee!

I couldn't believe the number of people, driving like it was the Indy 500. In some places, idiots in SUVs flew through the water, flooding my windshield. I don't think that I got over 30 mph until I hit a wide, relatively dry street, a couple of miles from home.

Because of Hurricane Ignacio, off of the coast of Baja, there's more to come. Hope that tomorrow isn't as wet, come quitting time!
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OMG, how nerve-wracking!!!!! Thank goodness you're ok, keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow's commute is better. I hate driving in rain, let alone hazardous conditions like that.

Never mind our little freakish weather....but I'll tell ya anyway. We had continuous lightning strikes all night, and low thunder. No major damage, one big grass fire. Really weird to see the sky so lit up for so long, watched it for a few hours.
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Wow we love to watch the lightning storms, but hate driving in rain! What an ordeal! You were one of the few smart ones.
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The "Weather Rangers" - people calling in on cellphones - kept calling in reports, to the radio station. One woman was trying to get home, to the northeast side of town and couldn't find a way around the flooding.

Since Saturday, we have been getting storms that drop 1-3 inches of rain PER HOUR. In the desert, that makes for flooding. In Catalina, 30 miles north, people had to be evacuated from their homes, along a normally dry riverbed. Flooding washes the banks away.
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Wow that is scarey! We get some flooding but, nothing like that!
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After all that, I'm so glad you got home safely!
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Just caught the morning traffic report and most of the flooding has subsided. Several intersections are still closed, due to flooding and downed power lines but, nowhere near where I have to drive.

Guess that I'll have to go to work, after all.
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What an ordeal! I bet you were so happy and relieved when you got home! Glad you made it safely!
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Wow -- I'm glad you got home safely! What a nerve-racking ride!
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I'm either smart or lucky. There were 45 swift-water rescues, during the time that I was driving home. WHY do these idiots drive into floods?
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I've seen some of the flash floods you guys get out there. That must have been frustrating, tiring, and scary. I know the one time we drove through there during a flashflood that it was totally awesome but scary too.

I don't understand SUVs either. Some of those drivers think they're glued to the road. When I was in Chicago they'd fly past you at 50 mph and then a mile down the road you'd see them in a ditch.

I'm glad you're safe.
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Wow! This is beyond the normal summer monsoons, then? My brother lived outside of Tucson on the southwest side toward Three Points (the far side of the Tucson Mountains). He was frequently caught between the "washes" and would sit there for a few hours waiting for the water to subside. My sister was visiting my mom (she lived on the east side off Kolb) when the banks of the Tangue Verde collapsed during a flood, bringing down a few condos with them.

Tucson weather always amazes me! It has been my second home since about 1962.
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Some dimwit drove his Suburban into the Canada del Oro, yesterday. His three children were with him. Witnesses say that he drove around the barricades, stopped at the edge of the wash, gunned the engine and drove in. The vehicle began to drift away.

He managed to get the children out and the fire and sheriff's departments were called. He has been cited under the "stupid motorist law" AND arrested for child endangerment. He was also billed, for hauling his SUV out of the wash.

Since he was breaking the law, I doubt that his insurance company will pay for the flood damage.

Its bad enough, that he was dumb enough to drive into a flooded wash but, he endangered his kids and the rescue workers.
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