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Choking Cat

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Sunday morning, my cat, Dude, seemed to start choking on something. We don't know what. He was putting his paws up to mouth like he was trying to get something out. He started rolling on the ground. We tryed unsuccessfully to help him. We immediately called the vet at home and got him to meet us at his office. By the time we got there, Dude had calmed down and seemed to be doing better, but he was still not acting right and was obviously still in pain. He was also bleeding. The vet could night see or feel anything. But we noticed that Dude did break off one of his teeth. We think that is where the blood was coming from. He just gave him a shot for pain and sent us back home. I've been watching him closely. Yesterday he threw his paws back up to his mouth again - like he did Sunday morning - and a small bone came out on top of his food. I got it before he started eating again. It looks like a small fish bone. Since Dude travels at night sometimes, we think someone must have put out some fish bones that he got into. But Dude is still in pain. His mouth is swollen. He hangs his tongue out and slobbers a little bit. I have to keep wiping his mouth. And he can only eat soft food. I hate to see him like this. But he is eating and drinking water and seems okay except for what I've already mentioned. I just don't know what else to do. Do you think his mouth will start healing pretty soon? How long do you think it will take for him to be back to normal?
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Have the kitty's face xrayed. He could be passing bone splinters. If something hit him hard enough to break a tooth it could have done some other damage.

Please keep your kitty inside. The next time he could lick up anti-freeze (it's sweet) or eat poison (not everyone likes cats).
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We don't know that something hit him. We don't really know what happened. It just seemed that he was choking. The vet seemed to think that he might have had something stuck in the roof of his mouth. He found residue of something on one of his teeth. We don't know what it was though. I really want him to get better soon. I hadn't thought about something hitting him though. I'm just really confused about all of this. Help!
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You poor thing! I would call the vet in the morning and ask him if you can bring your baby back in. He may need anti-biotics and definatly a recheck at the very least. How old is your cat?

Sometimes cats can have a broken jaw right at the chin. It happens often. Was it a top or bottom tooth that was broken? Breaking a tooth is caused by a great force. It is an indicator that there was some sort of trama. The vet should have had you come in again in the morning for x-rays just to be safe.

There is also the possibility that the cat was shot with a b b gun or pelet gun. Both of these could cause a tooth to break.

Let us know what the vet says about your baby and what he did to help Dude. I hope he feels better soon.
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There is a possibility that another bone is stuck in his throat especially if he keeps pawing his mouth like that. Perhaps you should think about taking him to the vet, ask the vet to put him under and have them look down his throat to be sure that he doesn't have an obstruction. While he is out, they can also look closely at his mouth to be sure he is okay. With his tongue out and the drooling, that could be a problem with swallowing and getting air.
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