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Simon has vomited three days in a row after eating soft food. Each time, he made a dry, wheezing sound, as if coughing up a hairball. In fact, I thought that's exactly what he was doing, until I cleaned it up. It looked to be food basically in the (cigar) shape of a hairball, which confuses me a bit.

Can hairball issues cause a cat to vomit food (rather than a hairball)? Or can a cat make the dry, wheezing sound (of hacking a hairball) at the onset of vomiting? (He starts with a wheeze, but it goes into that lovely, deep retching sound.)

Do these symptoms ring a bell with anyone?

I'm ready to make a vet appointment for him, even though my husband is griping that we've recently spent a lot of money on the cats. (What to do when finances are tight, and the vet may suggest x-rays?)

JenkI should mention that the vomiting comes after we introduced the new kitten to Simon, who's been caught grooming her. Could excess hair cause a cat to vomit food? He sneaks her food (when we don't catch him at it), and I wonder if a higher-protein food could be causing him some upsets. He's also more active now than before, but I'm not sure that gives due reason to vomit.