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cat peeing on the edge of the litter box

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Hi, I have 2 male cats, both neutred. one bengal (5 year old) and the other one I got it from the shelter(4 year old).
my bengal cat started to pee on the edge of the litter box, I cleaned every time and put card box around it and he would pee on the same spot.
I recently bought a cat genie and he is doing the same, I just cleaned with urine off cleaner, have feliway around the apartment and
 also ordered spirit essences, that I saw from the show my cat from hell. Im not sure if all this will work.
how can I stop my cat from peeing on the edge of the litter box???? Im open to any suggestions. thank you!!!!

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My first thought is that the litter box is not big enough. How many litter pans do you have in the house and has this cat always used this litter pan? How long have you had both cats?

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I just have one litter box and its new. the bengal cat I have him when he was weeks old and the other about a year  old.

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Bigger boxes, not covered, and at least 2, if not 3, in different places, would probably help. Big storage boxes, sold at home improvement stores, used without the lids make great, inexpensive litter boxes. The one I have on the main floor has 14" sides (others in basement have 4 or 5" tall sides). One like that may contain your guy. Be sure to scoop at least once a day.

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Cats are very picky so I never see it as a good idea to change anything up on them to much. I would get a couple more litter boxes as Robin said and try to find ones with higher sides.

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One of our cats is a "high peer" and was doing this occasionally.  We have 3 cats, 3 litterboxes and they are scooped 2-3 times per day.  So we switched to high sided litter boxes (10 inches high.)  This totally solved the problem for 6 months.  Recently, he (just a few times so far) has found a way to pee over the high sides!  If it keeps happening we are going to switch to storage bins as litter boxes, with a door cut into them.  We also switched to unscented litter, which the cats greatly prefer.  (I thought going over the side could be a sign that he wasn't totally happy with the litter.)


I think some cats just go high.  But it is definitely a good idea to have at least one box per cat, even if that is not the solution to this particular problem.

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thanks everybody!!!! I got rid of the cat genie, and got 2  high litter boxes (like storage boxes) then put them in different places. it worked out well, he still pee high but nothing goes out. thanks:)

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