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Taking cats to work with me tomorrow..

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I found it funny because of today's question of the day question.. guess I'll find out the real answer tomorrow!


The apartment management is spraying the apartment.. downstairs neighbors were complaining of cockroaches (I haven't seen any since summer!) and they want to spray. I am taking the cats out with me to work for a few hours.. This should be interesting.. i am sure Monet will be stressed :( it will be for about 3-4 hours.


Any advice what to do to make their stay at my job comfortable? I will have treats, their carriers and a harness if they're comfortable (Monet probably won't be, but Cassie might like to walk around) a bit.


I don't have feliway spray, just the plug-in.


I am hoping for quick responses so I can prepare tonight. Their carriers are already out and I am getting Cassie comfortable on the harness so she won't be stressed on that tomorrow.

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You must work in a very liberal office. I couldn't imagine being able to bring one of my cats in. Are either of them loud? I know Tails would be meowing all day if I put him in a carrier and took him somewhere strange, he usually gets scared and meows when I set his carrier down long enough to open the door to the vet's office.

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I am sure Monet would be loud, lol. Cassie meows, but very hard to hear her. a coworker offered to use her office space for them if they get too loud and distracting.


I really don't have anywhere else to put them for a few hours, and I can't take off from work either!

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Jack comes to work with me sometimes on Saturday. He really does not get settled even though we are alone in the office. I close off as much as possible to narrow his roaming but he seems quite anxious even so. He likes the car ride, but the office, not so much.


Hope all worked out well for you at work.

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Monet stayed in the carrier, hissing and growling at anyone who gets too close.


But Cassie was such a ham. she sat on the desk with me, relaxed while I worked.. I want to bring her back again just because, but I doubt my manager would be too pleased!



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That is awesome! Cassie looks very comfortable on your desk.  agree.gif


Poor Monet... glad it was only for a few hours.


I wish I could take my kitties to work!

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Oh, that is just adorable.

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Such a cute, alert look on her face.

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That's really cute. biggrin.gif
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Oh what a great office kitty!

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That's so cool that you could do that! Cassie makes a charming desk ornament. biggrin.gif
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"What a cutie."

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I miss having her here at work already, lol. Maybe on a slow half day or something I can take her in again.

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