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From Feral to Fabulous in 3 days!

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I posted the story on the Feral and Strays Board about this baby but I wanted to post some pictures here.

This baby has been living in a woodpile across the street. I noticed him a couple of weeks ago when I heard him cry. He befriended one of my feral males from my colony. I do not think he was part of the colony but I am not sure where he came from.


I had been trying to catch him for a week or 2 now and finally Friday night I got him!


He was a wild spitting hissing mess. He stayed in a crate until yesterday when he saw the vet and got the all clear. He does have a bit of a cold and ofcourse worms but other wise no worse for wear living outside.


He has been the most awesome baby! After our initial hissy fit and ofcourse being scared to death. He quickly realized that indoor life is not so bad! I am amazed at the progress we have made in just 3 short days. He is the biggest love bug! Loves to play and eats like a champ. By Sunday morning house noises and the other animals were no big deal, even emptying the dishwasher doesn't faze him. He doesn't run away and loves people now. Hates being in the crate now and throws a fit when I put him to bed! He has to go into the crate when I am not around or when I go to bed because I have bigger older cats and a dog and I don't think we are ready to face the night without mama to babysit.


Babykins needs a name! We are trying to get some ideas while we figure out his personality.


Anyways without further Ado  Feral to Fabulous Babykins on day 3


This was what he looked like Friday night in his crate! Not happy at all.


The new Baby2.jpg


And today

Coffee table baby.jpg

Baby Lounging.jpg

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Oh he is a darling!  And he likely wasn't ferral at all. Probably a kitty that started life out with a home and was put on the street :(


What about Sylvester? You could call him "Sly" for short.

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Aww what a handsome bebe!! He looks like he's fitting into inside life quite well! 

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He is a beautiful cat, so lucky he found you smile.gif

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AWWWWW I love the new photos of your Baby..... I am glad that things have turned out so well and so quickly with this little one. Great job again. I know you had some names - but I guess nothing final yet biggrin.gif..... Very special kitty and you have done a "meowvalous" job clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif
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Thank you everyone.


He is doing really well. Still no name yet. We try and nothing just seems to stick. Last night we tried Oliver, Olly for short since our dogs name is Olivia but it just doesn't fit.

This has become my husbands baby which if you knew my husband (Mr. No more animals) you would laugh. He comes home from work at night and him and baby play and play,I went to go to bed the other night and there was the 2 of them sleeping on the couch together.  I woke hubby up to tell him I was going to bed and gonna put baby to bed and he tells me nooooo I will put him to bed when I go. So cute.

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Ohhhhhhhh!!! I kept squealing and "awwww"-ing while I was reading your post(s)! He is adorable, and I'm so happy you took him in. He is obviously enjoying the companionship of his new family, and indoor life. Sweeeeet!!! heartpump.giflove.gif
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biggrin.gif that's lovely how you've rescued him and how he's got your DH wrapped around his finger! clap.gif
Personally, I like the name Babykins, but I guess he'd outgrow that.
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I like Babykins too. I also call him Bubbakins and Bubba Butt sometimes. My DH though would not be caught dead calling something Babykins (even me)


I guess Babykins also thinks I am either sibling or Mama. He attacks me all the time and wants to play, My hands are unsafe, my feet aren't safe, pajama legs nothing. He doesn't hurt me and does the flying Paw Spread kitty attack when he does it and then rolls on his back wanting me to "get" him as his little paws flail wildly in the air. It is so cute! Sometimes when he does that I call him Monster or Terror.


There for a few days all I could call him was Stinky. OMG I never knew something so small could be so Noxious. Thank goodness we are getting over that though sometimes my eyes still water.

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Congratulations, surely he felt so much love for giving a good home! ;)

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