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Poor Shell, we're corrupting her! LOL
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I'm sorry shell
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LOL! I've always been "corrupted"...I just never shown that side to many people! Don't ya feel lucky?
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Don't be sorry Sherral! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time...Boy, does it feel good!

Thanks Guys for making my night!
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YA! Besides I am out of whipped cream!
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SO much silliness...
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LOL Sherral!!!

Ya know, Redi-whip makes chocolate flavored whipped cream...
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My kids keep asking what is so funny...I ask if their chores are done so they went away.
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Well Guys...I really hate to leave such a Slumber Party, but I've got to go for now. Hope you guys have a great evening and chat with ya'll later!

Thanks for the laughs!
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Oh Boy I forgot about that!! Chocolate whipped cream!!!!!!!!!!
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by shell,sleep tight!
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I think I am going to head off and cruise eBay for things I don't need, can't afford, and have nowhere to put.
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Thanks! Good night!
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Good night kiddo! Sweet dreams!
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Originally posted by Shell
Um..Sherral? I don't know of a place that DOESN'T have snakes!
Maine doesn't have snakes. I heard that the other day!
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How do they keep them from crossing the state lines???
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New Zealand doesnt have snakes AND it's a beautiful country- no bears tigers or any nasties and only one poisonus spider in the country!D Come here!
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I have had so many laughs at this thread!
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OMG I cant belive I missed that fun in here last night . I went to wal-mart and buy the new Lord of the Rings " the two towers" . So my son and I watched it till 10:30 pm last night . Then my husband come home and we started the movie again and I watch till 12:30 am this morning . It is a great movie and cant wait till the next one comes out . Today I am so tired and I have a cleaning job today . I normanly sleep 8 - 9 hours , so I will be traging today . Oh well this will also pass .
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Wow . . . y'all had a busy posting night last night! LOL!
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Sam -- Alex wants to go live there, after seeing the Lord of the Rings. He loves that movie, and it was filmed in New Zealand. It is a very pretty country!
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Alright whats goin on in here
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Hey Sicy, where in the Bay Area do you live?
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Redwood City
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If I remember it right, Redwood city is norht of Menlo Park? I used to live in Menlo Park.
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Yep! Wow.. you're pretty far from Menlo Park now!
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Yes, thats far away, I would like to go back though. At that time that was by far the furthest away from home I had gone. Later I went to China, I guess that´s further, only in the other direction
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So what are you doing in Iceland??
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Well, I´m from Iceland, so wherever I go, "home" always pulls me back! I like to explore other corners of the world though.
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