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New Puppy with Kitten

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We got a new puppy 2 days ago and I think our 6 month old kitten got into his food and now has thrown up a few times. He is acting normal, eating and playing okay but I am still concerned. I called the vet and he doesn't seem too concerned but thought I would check to see if you have had anything similar happen. The puppies food is now put away so that the kitten can't get into it but if there are any other suggestions I would appreciate it.
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Regular dog/puppy food isn't dangerous for cats. It usually has less protein, less fat, and lacks some minerals/vitamins that are essential for cats, but other than that, the foods are a lot alike. So I suspect your cat just threw up because of something else (even stress due to the new puppy can cause vomiting), or because he ate too much, or because it was a change in diet. If he seems fine as u say, stop worrying. =)
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I agree that puppy food doesn't adequately meet the nutritional needs of a kitten. Your kitten could have gotten an upset stomach for a number of reason, like Eeva mentioned. Since the kitten has thrown up several times, you might want to check to make sure he is still hydrated. You can do this by gently pulling up the skin on the scruff of the kitten's neck and then releasing it. If the skin goes back into place immediately, the kitten is hydrated. If the skin stays up, or if it goes back into place slowly, the kitten may be dehydrated and should be taken to a vet ASAP so that fluids can be administered under the skin.
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