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My new puppy's picture :)  

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Hi there

I just thought you guys would like to see a pic of India aka India Ink or Inky!

Isn't she a doll...she thinks she's a cat! The cats don't though...!!!! YIKES Running after them chasing her is a hoot! She's so timid with them which is my delight! I just pray that she stays so angelic!
:angel2::angel4::angel2::angel4: Well, without further delay (I don't know how to spell adoue adoo adew????? hahahaha! )Here ya go
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Adieu? Hehehe, cute puppy!
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Thanks Fireshoes

just too lazy to look it up on my computer!!! ...Yikes what is my world coming to! :laughing::laughing:

Oh and India is a pain in the ass....see, I can spell that right! :laughing: :laughing: I'm a true cat kinda girl!!!! Through and through...but Ms. India Ink will have a very loving home For sure!

Love &,
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I definately need to get in shape! I'm thin, but man, I need a trainer, I wonder if I can train after surgery?

Puppy is a sweetie & a cutie! I hope the cats lay off, poor guy,
he is just the new kid on the block!

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Well, she is doing much better. She's letting the cats know that she's a nice kid and doesn't mean any harm She's just the cutes little thing! :pinky::pinky:heart2:

Love &, Oh...I attached another cute puppy's pic until I get more
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I know that pup! He's been on the Photopet list! Nice to see it circulating around...

And your new dog is so cute! She reminds me of our Bambi, except that Bambi is brown.
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She is an adorable puppy. I foster puppies so I am lucky enough to always have puppies in my house. A lot of poop, but it's worth it. It is just so hard to give them up!
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Cute pup Cat!! Seeing as you like puppies I just wanted to mention a petition I started a few days ago, - EU authorities over here are trying to pass a law which will "restrict" (ie kill) most dogs over 16 inches tall. PLEASE PLEASE check it out and read the full story, go to petitionpetition.com, go into the petition directory, into society (I think!) and then into animal rights. It's called "help stop the EU banning certain dog breeds". All the support I can get is much appreciated.

Many many thanks

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I signed the petition. I hope that this is stopped. I own a Golden Retriever and he is the nicest dog in the world. I just can't imagine this happening.
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OMG!!! Bodlover! I'm so sorry, I just read this posting...I promise to go do that! I didn't get a notice regarding your reply until Michelerad's latest posting! Dang AOL!!! Sometimes that happens, I have no idea why? rrrrrrrr!!!!

I'm definitly going to sign!!!!! That's terrible! I'm so sorry, please forgive me!

And thank you Michele and Anne for your replies too! I don't understand what happens with my mail that I'm not getting a notice to respond?????

Love & Peace,
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Thanks guys for your support!! Please spread the word to as many people as poss, and just again, thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

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I am about to sign petition immediately. I can't believe people!!! OMG!! Totally ridiculous.

Cattarina - Your pup is so, so cute!! Best of luck with him!

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Hi Jackie!!! :angel2:

I'm so glad you responded here, but I've been trying to get to your post and then when I finally would be almost at the end of my post, the darn computer would crash ...not once, but three times today! :laughing:

So, today was a difficult day with this thing.

Thank you so much for signing the petition; it means so much and this persons trial will be coming up in one more month. I pray this doesn't get delayed again!

Love, Peace &
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Inky is so cute!! [IMG] http://www.mpz.co.uk/cwm/kao/mamies/oui.gif[/IMG] This is kinda off-topic, but what happened to your knee? Did you sprain it or do something to it?
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Dear Caterina, If I ever learn how to scan and save pictures (and then send them), I promise you a feast of dogs and cats together. My household is a menagerie, plain and simple.

I see you are a body builder. Do you kick-box or box as well? Beautiful. I wish my generation had had the possibility to do proper exercise when we were young. In old age, it really comes back to you if you never developed good flexibility and muscules. Vive la new world!

About this EU petition, I will check it out. Are you SURE it isn't a joke? I cannot imagine such a nonsence. I am off to that site after this entry.

Peace and love,

PS. I really must get my Russian student to show me once and for all how to do the photo to internet thing. It is a sign of the times that a kid just turning 16 has been my internet mentor for the past 3 years, while I have been his English language one. New world indeed!
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Hi Tigger :angel2::daisy:

How's it going :laughing2:laughing2...I just had to go see what that gif looked like! :laughing2

My knee...wellllllllllll...that's a subject! :laughing2 Actually, it's really not funny, cause I do have epilepsy and I had a seizure. That pic was taken a little over a month ago.

I can remember so vividly that I wanted to eat this bowl of ceral (I don't get to splurge too much) I have to watch my lactose and stuff like that for the sake of my sport. Anyway, I was carrying it over to the coffee table but, I don't remember too much after that. I had the seizure and I was told I landed on the bowl. I was extremely fortunate because I didn't harm my kneecap. I wound up getting 17 staples in it, but you wouldn't believe how beautifully it's healed.

So, there ya go..really no big thing I think all of us have some problems; trust me, it keeps my gratitude in check.
Thanks for your concern
I thought you might like this one too :laughing2 I love this stuff! :laughing2
Love, Peace &

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Dear Catherine :angel2::daisy:

Hi there! I didn't want to respond in the same post as Tigger's because I thought it was a rather long post.

Catherine, it would be my pleasure to assist you in any way possible. I would (as I'm sure we all would) love to see your little menagarie! :laughing2 I've read all your posts, and it appears that your home is indeed packed with more kitties and doggies than mine...that's for sure.

You are good hearted woman giving so freely of yourself to all of your babies. I'm sure don't speak for myself when I say that we, as true animal lovers see that our babies are not pets...these are members of our families; an extention of our lives.

I don't know that I could survive without them

You guessed it...yes, I am a bodybuilder, but I'm no kickboxer! :laughing2 I would love to be as agile as that
Honestly, I never thougth in a gazillion years that I would want to be muscular. When I was younger, I always wanted to be thin. Weird huh? :laughing2 Now, I am training for my biggest show of all...next year I plan to do the USA or the Nationals in order to get my Pro Card ...it's pretty exciting for me.

I see that you are extremely well written...can you tell me (us) a little about yourself? You're so interesting. How is your Russian student coming along with his English?

I'm looking forward to your response But, of course, I don't mean to be pry...I hope you don't feel that way

I hope you get a smile from this pic

Love, Peace &

PS...Oh, about that petition...hmmmm??? I don't think BodLover would start a petition like that without facts. I'm sure you didn't notice that she started it herself.

BodLover, if you do read this...can you please disclose a little more information as to how that petition is going...ie: Who are you sending it to or did you send it already? What was your response? I truly hope to hear from you as well!

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Since we were on the subject of bodybuilding; my thoughts wandered off dreaming of the man I love and I couldn't resist sharing...I had to show off my boyfriend...his name is Philip Hernon. He won the Title of Mr. USA in 1995. I hope you all appreciate the time and effort he's put into bodybuilding. It is our way of life and I thank God I've met him! He is the love of my life!

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Hey people! Only me!! Just thought I'd update you all on the petition!Thanks for your interest by the way...... Firstly, I promise this is not a joke - I learnt about this from news site purely about animals and animal crises, of course when I read it I just had to do something! Anyhooooo...the petition at present has 97 signatures, not quite as many as I would like but still.... (I guess hoping for everyone in the whole world was pushing it eh? :laughing: )
I know the petition is long (I get carried awawy with these things.. blah blah..)but if you scroll to the bottom there is a list of people I am going to send it to..like: the German Ambassador, the German Embassy, the European Commission, and the Home Secretary...etc...

I'll let you know when its finished and I send it off..fingers crossed everyone! - In the mean time I would be really grateful if you could spread the word as Id like a few more signatures on it before the times up!! Thanks everyone!

Any more info wanted - let me know and I'll see what I can do for ya! Hope this helps a bit!

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Dear Caterina and other SOS fans...

Loved the dalmatian cats and the look-alike tubbies.

I will be quiet for a few more days because Dear Elaine -- Last Wed. morning a large black spider sat on my face, which naturally woke up. Instead of lying still, I sat up suddenly and shouted. Mostly I didn't believe that it was legs I was seeing at such close quarters. The spider took alarm and bit me in the nose, I slapped it across the room, and couldn't find it again, and am now very sick with a kind of wandering poison in my veins that hits this sppot and then that. I have to say that I feel like shiit and am not tracking very well on anything. The doctors gave me cortisone and something else and told me it wold pass in 3 days. It is now day 5. If anything, I feel worse, so I may try to get to the clinic this afternoon, just to see if there is anything else that can be done.

Also have ahouseful of abandoned puppies and the mother of four of them -- a total of 8 pups and 1 adult -- all divided between rooms. The bedroom I have reserved for the cats and their privacy, but the house is constantly awash and needs to be moped and cleaned up 4 or 5 times a day. The humane soc. is supposed to come any day now to take them all away. -- except for one puppy that I will keep by me for a while -- a tea-cup-sizd pup that should not have been taken from its mother, as it has trouble with solids and wants mostly materna (baby milk formula). I may keep it. We will see. More about dogs and cats when I feel better.

So far this year, there have been no stray kittens or cats. They are mostly all dead from the rat poisonings.

As to me, I passed my 65th birthday on March 31 -- an Aries through and through. I am California-born, and have lived in 7 US states and 8 European countries before I settled here in Israel. I am a professional editor (English language) and do author-pays publishing in English. (website: www.israel.net/mewrites)

I have always loved animals, but only in very recent years have I begun to really understand them. I have a Beduin sheepdog and a houseful of cats to thank for that, and for making me more tolerant of human animals as well. I am a meditator, a practicing solitary witch with an interest in kabbalah, a teacher of meditation, and a palmist in my non-professional and more spiritual life, I write poetry, books (nothing yet published), articles and short stories (some published), and trained most of my life to sing classical music -- in my old age I settle for a range of folk music. I passed through 2 husbands, had 2 children, and went through various changes in life such as the dog kennel owner phase, the gourmet cook phase, a wedding cake bakery phase, and years of political, civil liberties and environmental activism phases, and am now just tending my own spiritual growth through meditation, gardening, and my interaction with my rescued children.

A brief summary. Not an untypical life for a person who has lived this long or through these particular times. Not at all the life my grandmother or mother would have enjoyed, but I have, on sum, enjoyed it and continue to do so.

peace and love, Catherine
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Dear Catherine :angel2::daisy:

I truly hope by the time this is posted that you feel much better. I was wondering what had happened to you. I thought I chased you off by asking such personal questions and I felt so guilty. However, I do feel terrible that this has happened to you. I don't think I would've made it! A coronary would've been my demise! UGH...Spider on my face! I had a frog jump on my arm in the middle of the nite about a month ago and I thought for sure that a monster was going to eat me alive. I never thought I could scream so loudly.

I don't know how you're taking care of all these babies while feeling so sick. I pray that someone is giving you some assistance. If not, my prayers are sent your way for strength.

I visited your website and now I understand what you're career entails. I liked the cat too!

Do you sing Opera? My Mother was a trained vocalist as well. I can remember the years of practice with her Maestro. They did beautiful arias however; it wasn't to my liking! LOL...not until now. I truly wish I would've had a different frame of mind at the time. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 isn't it!

When you sang, did you sing professionally? I too was a singer for many years, I did sing professonally and played for a nationally known headliner. But, that was many, many moons ago! I love music. To know that you have that gift somehow does not suprise me.

Your life has been filled with what seems to be constant classes within spirituality. I'm not very familiar with some of your spiritual teachings; however you are an incredibly facinating woman with so much love in your heart. I am glad that one of your journeys has lead you to the CatsSite. It's true that we all have something to offer; however, it seems that your wisdom is something most if not all of us can truly enjoy and appreciate. I do hope that I can give something back to you too.

Thanks...it's a pleasure to know you...Feel better Catherine : You have a big fan here :angel2:

Love, Peace &

PS... This is to make you smile!!! LOL...I hope everyone clicks on it too! LOL....

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