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Nap Attack!

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I just couldn't resist snapping a couple of pic's of Echo and Bud this afternoon. Bud slept through it, but poor Echo got a rude awakening. I'll make sure to give her extra loves tonight for waking her up from her beauty sleep!
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And another of Echo....
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And my favorite...
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And Big Ol' Bud!
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Tiki is no where to be found...she probably knows I've got the camera out and is hiding from it!
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Those are great pictures! WOW!!! How much does Echo weigh? She is huge! And very beautiful too!!!
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Echo and Bud are very overweight. Bud is weighing in at 28 pounds and Echo is at almost 19 pounds. They're siblings and they're Daddy (so I was told) was quite a large fellow. They're both pretty stoutly built, but they've gotten so fat in the past couple of years.

They're on a diet and they're not happy about it either! I just want them to be healthy and life a long happy life...with me! Am I selfish or what?
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WOW!!! From the picture Echo looked bigger than Bud....28 lbs!!! He weighs more than Amber!
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OMG! That is too funny! That's pretty sad that my furkids are heavier than Amber!
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Just snapped some more...
This one is Bud laying on his favorite NASCAR fleece blankie! I swear it was folded and was on the couch this morning along with the huge pillows! He tends to knock them off the couch, so he can relax on them while they're on the floor!
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Echo and Bud are so cute. You must find Tiki and drag her out for photos!
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I must have been disturbing him...
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Awww they are so cute .I like the yawning one best that is so funny . I wish I could sleep like the cats do all the time
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Echo licking her chops!
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Ok's Miss Tiki LaRue!

Doesn't she look so prissy!
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And another of Tiki....
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My Princess is 17 lbs, I managed to get her down from 19 lbs so far.
[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Princess close tummy.jpg[/IMG]
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I got this out of a magazine. He's a real biggie![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Fat cat & owner.jpg[/IMG]
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I think the last photo is a hoax.

All the kitties are so big and beautiful!
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Shell, your kitties are so lovely!
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Great pics Shell I love the purrbabies yawning those are fab
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That picture Barb is a Hoax.

What gorgeous babies Shell!
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shudder.. they are huge.......
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Yes it is a hoax . I was watching TV when they showed it how they did that photo and how big the cat really is . The cat is big , but not like that how it looks in the picture .
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Awwwww... those are cute photos. Echo looks like such a nice, soft bundle of hugs!
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Thanks! My cats are Bigin's! I guess I know how to grow em' big here in Nebraska!

Barb, your Princess is adorable! Glad to see that my Echo isn't the only Full Figured Feline on TCS!
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