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I need some board magic, please.

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My little Stanley cat is very sick. I'm taking him to the vet in the morning to see what's wrong. I know he doesn't have any of the contageious feline illnesses, but there is something wrong. He won't eat, and he acts like an old man, and he's only 2. He's losing weight, and I'm really worried. He usually goes crazy when I get Filet of fish sandwiches, but he wouldn't even take a bite of the fish. I opened some human tuna, to see if he'd want that, and he wouldn't eat it, either. I'm thinking he may have a hairball blockage, but I don't know. Anyway, please give me some board magic for my little boy.
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Healthy energy coming over to Stanley from Colorado!
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I'm sorry, Hope!
I'll say a prayer for Stanley.
Is there any way you can get him to the vet today?
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Sending good vibes...

Please keep us posted.
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I'm sorry! Poor guy.. *sending some board majic*
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Sending board magick to Stanley!
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I wish I could, but I have to work tonight. I am very worried. He's a Persian, and I know Persians have lots of hairball problems. He did drink some water, but that's all. He won't eat, and he's so picky anyway about food, that he simply can't afford to go without food. I feed him hairball formula food, but I just don't know... He hasn't been himself, and when he refused the fish, I KNEW there was something really wrong.
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I'll be keeping Stanley in my thoughts.
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It's a good thing you're an alert kitty mom.
Sending healing prayers for Stanley
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Prayers going up for Stanley!!!! Keep us posted!
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I'll put Stanley in my prayers.
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Aww poor Stanley. I'm rooting for him! How long has this been going on? Is it just since you got the new kitty? Or longer?
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Get well soon vibes from CA!
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Praying for Stanley to get well soon!!

My mom had a young cat that would stop eating whenever he was sick. He had been bitten on his spine (most likely by another cat) and she did not discover it until the wound became infected. She had to give him courses of antibiotics as he would get better and than recurr. He turned out to be diabetic. . . . which wasn't discovered until it was too late . . . when she took him to another vet.

I also had a cat when I was growing up that stopped eating. . . . because she was bitten on the spine. . . and another because he had bad teeth.

I guess when they stop eating, they are trying to tell you something.

Good luck with the vet visit.

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Get better prayers coming for Stanley from Ohio, and lots of (((hugs))) for you. I hope he (and you) feel much better soon!
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Sending healing vibes for Stanley from Georgia.
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Oh Hope!

I really hope that Stanley is okay, keep us posted hun.

hugs thru this rough time.

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Sending get well soon Stanley vibes from Down Under.
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sending ((((get well vibes)))) your way stanley, keep us posted on what the vet said
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** sending good vibes to Stanley**

I'm so sorry Hope!
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