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Life with a Bengal

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I just realized today my kitty will be five months old, at the end of this month. It seems like last week I brought him home.
Since I have gotten a Bengal, I no longer can shower alone, my pens and reading glasses disappear, and I have to make sure all toilet seats are down or I find Kitty's toys in the toilet.

This cat loves water, I can bathe him with the water running, the sound does not bother him. He purrs the whole time.

I gave him a bath this morning and I noticed he has a longer than usual coat for a Bengal, his tail is fluffy. I thought this was just kitten fur but I think its here to stay(lol). When I picked him I had two kittens to chose from, now that I think back I remember the other one had a very short sleek coat, and mine was fuzzy.
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So, this is what I have to look forward to.
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Yes, you will begin to notice little items missing..ie glasses pens earing's and the like. Last week when I went into the bathroom, I noticed some thing brown floating in the toilet, my little Granddaughter was here and I thought she forgot to flush(lol) I should have known better as she will spend fifteen minutes just washing her hands(I call her little miss prissy lol) it was a little stuffed toy that kitty carries around. He loves to get in the toilet if I leave the seat up he will get in and play in the water. The breeder did warn me of this(lol)

They are different.
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Bengals are awesome. They are soo smart and playful! Sasha's favorite toy is his sissel mouse. He chases it and carries it around everywhere. maybe you could try buying your kitty a package fo them. It might discourage him from carrying around all of your office supplies-lol!

Oh and I can no longer sweep the floor with Sasha in the room! He loves the broom and sits in the dust pan!
He also helps me brush my teeth (while his front paws are in the water swatting it around).
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