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Peyton, Blayze and Leo and our newest addition

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^^^Peyton our first cat together, we adopted him from PetSmart when he was 6 months old, he will be four in September, he is so laid back, always accepting of our foster babies, I guess I should say he adopted me, we weren't supposed to have cats in the apartment we were renting, after the first night I met him(he head butted me for a kiss on his forehead and has done this daily ever since) I talked with our landlord and she agreed we could adopt him! I brought him home 2 days later, and he has been the love of my life since then!!! The first picture is him on his first night home!




^^^^Blayze, she is our one and only pet store kitten, DH fell in love with her, it was love at first site for him!! She is the fiery personality in the household, she runs everything and is quick to let you know when something is not done to her standards, she runs the house with iron paws!! We absolutley love her she keeps things interesting and keeps the boys in line!! She rarely holds still for a picture and is more interested in attacking the camera then posing for it lol! She will be One year old in August!






^^^^Leo, we found him stuck in an air vent on the day we came to look at our house. He has grown so much since we first found him and every day we fall even more in love with him!!!! He is three months old in the picture above, in the first picture he was 3 weeks old!! He will be One year old in November!



Our newest addition, I have fallen head over hills in love with this guy. We haven't thought of a name yet, he is incredibly sweet and loves to play! He is approximately 5 months old, and other than a URI he is in good health, all test negative!!! He will be one year old in September!!



Any and all name suggestions for our new guy are welcome!!


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Aww there's your "something extra" from the vets the other day! He's lovely. smile.gif
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Thank you, he definitely is lovely!! He is such a love bug!! I wanted to take more pictures of him, but he was more interested in getting attention then holding still for a picture, he followed me and the camera all over the room laughing02.gif

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Beautiful family!  I too, have 5 and I wouldn't change that for the world!  People comment to me "Do you think you have too many yet?"  I tell them "No.  They are like potato chips, you can't have just one!"  What about Bobby for the bobtailed guy?  Or Max the Manx?  Just trying to be helpful!!

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How about Stout? I love manx kitties. My Dad has always had a soft spot for them, so I grew up with a lot of them. Pretty boy.

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What pretty babies!!! Blayze looks just like Boots did at that age. biggrin.gif I have such a soft spot for tuxedo kitties.

My stepsister had a bobtail cat named Bo, so there's another idea. clap.gif
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All your babies are beautiful, but your new addition is just adorable! heartpump.gif I have a soft spot for bobtails too. We actually have quite a few around here, and there is an orange tabby (barn cat) that actually IS named LoveBug. So, if the name


Although, to me, he kind of looks like an Alex. Don't know why, it just popped in my head.

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TOOOO CUTE love.gif Love you new baby too biggrin.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif Looks like a Charleston to me for some reason....... Charlie for short biggrin.gif
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OMG they are adorable love.gif

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Their gorgeous, and your new addition is a little beauty!!

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What beautiful babies!  I'm thinking Karma might be a good name for your new little guy.  (If he was a female, I'd have said Destiny).

They're all just gorgeous! heartpump.gif

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Your babies are all beautiful, and the newest one is precious.    How about a Valentine theme name ---"Cupid".    


Again,  you're wonderful to save a life   -- thank you for what you did and for sharing the pictures.  Look forward to seeing more and let us know when you find the right name.

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Kismet might be a good name, too.

Whatever you call him, he's sure one lucky little guy.

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All your kitties are beautiful, but I especially love the new little boy. I like the name Janga.

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All precious, especially the newest one.


He looks like a "Rascal" to me, or you could go cliche with "Lucky" ;)

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Thanks so much to everyone for all the comments they are all so precious!!!  Still haven't found 'the' name for him though DH and I are leaning towards Bo, waiting for his personality to pop out a bit more before settling on a name!

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He name Cornelias(sp) is cute.

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