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Hey LOTR fans!

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Don't forget-Lord of the Rings The Two Towers is being released today on DVD and VHS!
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I can't wait!
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I'm excited. I'm probably going to rent it in the near future (if it's available!), and then hope I get it for Christmas or my birthday.
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I got it yesterday. I guess they made a mistake and shipped it early? I got mine from half.com.
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Just to let you retail shoppers know....

Wal Mart has it the cheapest today at $13.87. Target and Circuit City have it at $13.99. Best Buy has it for $16.99. Sam's Club has it for $18.87.

Many times they have sales on the day of release and then it goes up to recommended retail value.
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$13.87? For a new release? Woah!
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I rented it last night cause I couldn't wait for the DVD from Columbia House! Love that movie, can't wait until December 17.
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I'm holding out for the extended cut version, which is bound to come out right before Christmas. I'll save money this year by waiting to buy one copy instead of two. The original did make a good Christmas present to our friends that didn't have it......
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You're right Amy, the extended version is due out in November.

I also heard that in the top 10 movie markets in the US, they are going to show the extended versions of Fellowship and Two Towers in the theaters. When Return of the King is released they are going to do some major LOTR marathons, showing ALL THREE movies consecutively! I would LOVE to do that, but hubby said he didn't think he could handle it, and unfortunately Denver isn't a top 10 market.
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