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Scared kitty

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My kitty used to be calm around people. My father came to visit and would kind of chase her around, scaring her by kind of stomping around with his feet. He was here for 2 weeks and i stoped it as much as possible, but i think he still did it when i wasnt around. Now when you walk up to her too quickly, or make sudden movement around her, she freaks out and runs! She's still a lovely cat and cuddly, but im worried about this. How can i fix this? i try to walk slow around her but it dosent really help! WHat should I do?
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Geez, nice dad. My brother thinks its funny to do that to ChiChi at my parents house. She also runs whenever someone gets up fast or makes sudden movements.

How long has it been? I dont have any suggestions except just continue what you're doing, walk slowly around her, speak in a comforting tone and dont let your dad near her again.
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Dad would last t-minus 5-4-3-2-1-... seconds in my apartment with that routine.

You cat will recover given enough time as Sicycat explained.
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Some things that might help. Remove your shoes when you are inside and walk in stocking or bare feet.

Go to Cat Faeries or another online store that carries a full line of Bach Flower Remedies and get Mimulus. Mix it up using Spring water only, and put 3 drops on her tongue daily. This will help her to calm down.

You can find Cat Faeries on www.meowhoo.com under Behavior Aids.

Good luck, poor kitty, you dad should be ashamed of himself, but he is probably not!
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Bailey used to be afraid of people walking near. She would take off running. I can only imagine what must have happened to her to make her afraid.

She has improved so much, I can step right over her while she is eating, with absolutely no reaction. And when she is at work with me, instead of racing away to hide when customers come in, she just lies on the floor where they want to walk. So it is possible to teach a cat to not be afraid.

One thing that helped a lot was, if I was approaching her, I would walk to a "safe" distance, then crouch down and talk to her, to let her come to me, then continue walking. That broke the pattern of her running away, and eventually, she learned that I would not harm her.
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