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Here is Chewy trying to get into a popcorn box. He played with it for about 10 min. I couldn't get the picture of him with his head and tail sticking out. He didn't stay that way long enough.

When I first found this board, I was complaining of him being bity and scratchy. Not being able to hold him. He has really changed. He still doesn't like being held but will come and get up on my lap. He lets me play with his feet I think he is going to be a terribly big kitty according to his feet. His fur is soooooo soft.
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Awwww !
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He looks like a raccoon from here
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He does look like a raccoon! Too cute!
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Awwwww...he looks like he is having fun!
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That is just too darn cute!
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Awww! Chewy has a cute rear end!

His tail *does* look like that of a baby raccoon! Whew, I'm glad he's not one though, I just got home from moving two baby raccoons into a new enclosure and altough they are so cute, they sure aren't friendly when they're scared!
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Don't you just love watching them with bags. You buy them a toy and they want to bag! Chewy's bottom is cute.
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Just love kitty photos!
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Cute little fanny Chewy has
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Awww! Haha so sweet!
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Kitties are sooooo cute when they do things like that!
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more pics!!!
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