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Need advice on kitty cancer

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Hi all have not been in for awile.I have a 12 year old domestic long hair with mammory cancer I noticed the mass at the beggining of summer but did not worry to much she is old and cats get lumps. I was traveling throughout the summer and came home last week to find a larg ulcer on the location. Took her to the vet and they said it looked like mammory cancer and it would have to be removed. After I looked at the huge bill and gulped! I went home to do reaserch. What I found was not encuroging: with a mass more than 3 cm removal would not prolong life and she would die in three to six months Please if anyone can tell me anything that would give me any hope for my skittle any reason not to just put her to sleep I would be greatful. I dont want my baby to suffer. I feel so responsible for this because I did not take her to the vet early. I love my kitty we are so close I dont want to lose her.

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Oh she's just beautiful I'm sorry she has cancer. Did you talk to the vet and ask them if it can be removed and how long she would live? I think you should do that first.

I would probly freak out over a lump the size of my fingernail and rush Zoey to the vet. But I'm a worry wart.
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Wile I agree that first thing is best,unfortunately I had to travel around the country to find my daughter a specialist that would do her surgery and then get it done. Belive me in a perfect world I would have done the early thing. Belive me I feel awfull!!!
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I don't know if this will help you at all. But a short time ago, feels like forever without him though, we had a descion to make with our Logan, how had been diganosed with Liver cancer. We decided to try the chemo, in our opinion he was a member of our family & derserved the same chance at life that we would give ourselves. Unfort our baby wasn't strong enough to make it. We lost our Logan but the only good thing is we have never doubted we did everything we could for him. There has never been a moment of "could he be with us still if we had tried". Yes the bill is very high for cancer treatment, we're still paying it off the bill but at least our heart are lighter knowing this small fact. I am truely sorry that you are going thru this with your baby, trust me I know how painful & terrifying it is. My prayers go out to you for her health.
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I am so sorry Your cat is just beautiful!! I love her big blue eyes. Shes so pretty! I have no advice, I only wish you 2 the best of luck!
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Let us know when you talk to the vet and find out how long she can live once the cancer is removed, then make your decision.
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I just talked to the doctor. She said that because they have not removed it they can only make an educated guess. It depends on malignency. She wants me to come in to start Skittle on antibiotics, to help the ulcer heal. She told me that 88% of all mammory tumors are malignent...Which only makes me dout that I want to put her through it. Thank you all for your kind words. It is hard to think when you are emotional. Here are my other babies: mister,bitty,idy,freeway. OOHH you just got to love them

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She's a lovely, lovely girl. I am so sorry for this diagnosis.

My first American Curl, a lovely Lilac point I named Mervat, had mammary cancer. All you can do is take all the information your vet can give you, then make the best decision you can based on that.

I wish you both all the best,
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Animals with cancer can be far more resiliant than what you give them credit for. I've lost 1 cat and 3 dogs to cancer. When first diagnosed, I pondered whether or not I should put them down to relieve them of any pain. I am glad that I chose not to do it immediately for any of them.

Ellie Mae (our dog) was given 30-60 days to live when they diagnosed her with a highly malignant oral cancer. We decided to give her the love and cheese danish treatment. We fed her cheese danish for breakfast and switched her to canned dogfood for dinner - off a plate while she lounged on the sofa. We slept on the floor with her. All of these things were formerly "treats" to her and we just did it everyday. She lived 18 months - 16 months beyond prediction. She told us when it was her time to go and we let her go with love. There was no second guessing that we did the right thing at the right time.

Love your baby and work closely with your vet on this one. Put your vet on the spot by asking them "if this were your cat, what would you do?".

My thoughts go out to you!
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I lost my oldest maine coons to cancer. One of the girls had a mass on her abdomen, the other on her hip, and my boy had his on the neck. I had the surgery to remove the tumors. The two girls had theirs done on the same day. The vet had told me that they had gotten all of the cancer in the one girl and most of it in the other. The boy had his surgery after they did. To make a long story short, all of the cancer came back in all 3 cats, and it grew at double and triple the rate that it had the first time. The girls only lived 3 months after the surgery and the boy only lived 4.5 months. If I had known how quick it would come back I would not have had the surgery done. Recovering from the surgery was hard on all of them, and the quality of life was not good. If I had to do it again I would not put them through the surgery. It broke my heart when it was time to let them go, but I had to do what was best for them not what was best for me. I will miss them forever, but they will be waiting for me I am sure.
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It does depend on the cancer, unfortunately mammary cancer is one of those where it will depend on what stage she is at with it. I am so sorry that you and her have to deal with this. I had a female a few years ago rescued from a colony where she was breeding all the time, when I finally got her under my care and we took her to the vet, the vet said the only thing that could save her was a spay and it was to late for that.
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