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i need some board magic....

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meow meow had some blood in her poo poo.. took her to the doc this evening and the doc said she has got gut infection... she's got to take some antibotics and vitamins...for ten days...but with her, she hates medication and can never swallow any no matter how hard i tried..the doc warned me if she doesn't take her medication, she needs to stay in the hospital and ppl there will feed her medication...i'm really broke and all this mth..so pls pray that she takes her medication and dun be a trouble maker....
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Get healthy thoughts for Meow Meow and a (((hug))) for you. I hope she gets better and takes her medicines for you.
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Get well thoughts for Meow Meow

One tip that works for me, I wait and when the cat is taking nap get the medicine ready. Pick up the cat and give medicine. Most of the time they do not know what has happened. It also works when trying to trim their nails.
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Be good & take your meds Meow Meow.
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You may be able to get some medication tips in our Health Forum. I'll move this there for you, where some of the experts will help you I am sure.
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What kind of medicine is it? Can you crush it up and put it in meow meow's food? That usually works. Or you can get one of those pill shooter things that shoots it in their mouth.

I hope meow meow gets better
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If you can get the pill to the very back of her throat, she should automatically swallow it. I use my finger and just get it way back there. I have also used a pill crusher in the past. It grinds the pill into a powder and then you can mix it with wet food. Just make sure that she eats all the food so she can get all the medicine! Good luck!
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Although I cringe at this idea, I've seen a friend do this first hand and it works!

Put the pill in a small ball of raw hamburger. Not great for the cat, but neither is death or hundreds of dollars in your food money.
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What animal does like to take pills? What I do is put it in the back of their throat and the rub their neck, it makes them swallow automatically.

Good luck and hope it works!!!

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I used to pill cats and dogs when I was a Vet assistant.
There is a way to hold them and put the pill at the back of the throat and like someone else said stroke the throat and it goes right down. Ask your Vet to show you the method. Once you get the hang of it, it is not difficult.

The hamburger method works also, just watch and make sure they eat the whole amount.
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I was terrified and stressed out over giving George pills. He had very sharp teeth and was very strong and willful.
I could not hide pills in his food. I tried a pill crusher and his favorite food (tuna fish). I tried hiding it in Velveeta cheese, cat treats, you name it. . . he found it.

The best method I found was I to wrap him in a big towel (usually caught him from behind while he was occupied (eating for example). I would hold him like an infant in my arms (swaddled in the towel) with just his little face showing. I would hold him against me. . . and with my free hand I would carefully bring the pill up to his mouth and gently push against his teeth/lips with my back fingers until his jaw opened. . . quickly I would place the pill toward the back of his tongue. Most of the time he would swallow it (when cats lick their mouth, it's a good sign that it's gone down). I usually had my son stay close by in case the pill landed on the floor (to pick it up for me!).

I've heard that a pill shooter works well for popping them in the back of their mouths. I never did resort to that.

The vet clinic that I use offered to help me if I brought him down. I thought that would be too much of a hassle . . . to catch him and drag him there every day. I had to give poor George pills for 2 months straight. . . if I can do it, anyone can!!

Good luck!!
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sending take the pill vibes! (((hugs)))
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I hope meow meow feels better soon!
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Sometimes a dab of water or milk around their mouth after the pill is inserted causes them to lick and swallow. Or I have seen the vet tap their nose which sometimes gets them to swallow.

Personally, I ask for liquids, but if I have to give them a pill, I use my pill gun. Sneak up from behind, put the palm of my hand on the top of their head so I can reach with my fingers and pull their mouth open from the top, then shoot the pill in with the other hand.

Good luck - giving medicine is very hard to do, but the alternative of them remaining sick is a lot worse.

Positive pill vibes coming at you from Kansas City!
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