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February 2012 Furry Clip of the Month Contest!

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The Rules:

  1. Find the best clip you can that's relevant to the theme this month: Cats and Dogs showing that interspecies love is possible!
  2. Embed the clip into a post in this thread. Please do not just link to it - these posts will get disqualified and deleted. See below for more on how to embed a video.
  3. Don’t delay - this contest only runs for one week!
  • You may submit a different clip in each of the first four days. Limit of one clip per member per contest day; up to four clips in total submitted at least 24 hours apart.
  • You do not need to own the rights to the video(s), but of course they can be yours. smile.gif
  • The final three days will be dedicated to voting.

Again, the theme for this month is:
Cats and Dogs!

Go and find us the funniest, most moving, coolest clips on YouTube of Cats & Dogs interacting in a positive way. As always, please make sure no cats were harmed in any way during the making of the clip. Remember, it's the cat lovers here who will be judging the clips!

The Prize!

The member who posts the video with the most votes at the end of the final three days is awarded:

A nifty award badge to wear for a month! Once our next Furry Clip winner is selected, the award badge is moved on to them. ClipoftheMonth.jpg

Good luck everyone!

How to Embed a clip? It's real easy! Just look for this button VideoButton.gif in the editor toolbar and click. It will bring up this box:


Now, Copy the URL of the Youtube video from your browser address bar, and Paste it into the box. Press submit and voila!
If you are using the BB Code Editor, clicking the VideoButton.gif button will put(no spaces, of course) in your post with your cursor in the center. Simply Paste the direct link into the post and viola!

The clip is embedded into your post like so:

Please note that you may not see YouTube videos on some mobile phone or tablet browsers, or may need to install the free Adobe Flash App (if available) to view.
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This one just made me go Awww
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Since there were only 2 submissions this month, I declare that BOTH of you will get the special tag! clap.gifclap.gif Well Done!
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Thanks... How do.we get it,?? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Nebula View Post

Thanks... How do.we get it,?? biggrin.gif

You've got it now! wink.gif
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