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spca intentionly infecting cats with distemper

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not all the spca's are the same its just one sick person in my case that did this,and what scairs me is if this 1 person would do this how does he treat people or his famly

8-25-03what can i do 2 stop the ********** spca from infecting cats with distemper and releasing them 2 unsuspecting people as a way 2 wipe out stray cats ?????i know this 4 a fact ,my girlfriends mom had a stray that had been quarntined 4 one week 2 make sure it didnt have rabies ,they asked her 2 pick it up and take it home ...after it was 2 late ..their employee jim and i quote said "i knew the cat had been exposed 2 distemper and would probaby die and if the people that feed strays just feed them and dont get their shots ,oh well it will teach them a lesson"and when jim asked do my cats have their shots and we said yes jim stated "i hope so"with a snide chuckle.... they intentionly infected a cat with distemper 2 wipe out over 100 strays that he (jim)could not catch...what can i do 2 make sure this does not happen again?

8-26-03 12pm....took my 2 house cats crusty & sage 2 the vet 2day they got distemper2 thanks 2 the spca cost us over 200$ just 4 their meds alone but might have cought it eary enouph 2 save them ...hope so

8-26-03 746pm....looking better ,i got fluid bags from the vet along with meds my cats crusty and sage hate the needle pricks but their helping alot and the cats accually can move around but still wont eat ...earlyer crusty was convolcing but he looks better ....hope no 1 has 2 go through what we have ...ill keep every 1 up 2date on the out-come

8-28-03 another 100$ but the money dont matter , my cats do.. had 2 take sage back 2 the vet he did not look good this morning ,crusty's looking a little better and still won't eat ..we got 3 more bags of fluid and 24 more shots 4 them .....the vet agreed that the SPCA SHOULD NOT HAVE LET THE MOMMA CAT OUT AFTER IT WAS IN QUARINTINE 4 RABIES AFTER ONLY 7 DAYS their policy is 1 month with rabie shots, 6 months with out rabie shots, its aganced their rules but I know it was 2 try and kill the strays, poor defenceless cats ,its just about the same as saddam and his germ warfair , their is no excuse 4 jim's actions........

8 28-03 its allmost midnite sage is looking worse hope he can kick it

8-29-03 6:50 am.. bad news sage passed last nite died a painfull deth thanks 2 jim got 3 disturbed kids here they wached sage die ,that was their cat...(jim and the spca) need 2 be stopped from doing this again..my girl friends mom said that there are no cats in sight at her apartments so i guess the death toll is well over 50 cats killed by jim and HIS BIO-WARFAIR ...but what i dont understand is why they prayed on the innocent and week ....rest in piece sage you were a great cat and a good friend

crusty is looking a little better but not out of the woods yet he took his IV good this morning and is accually up and moving ,but looking 4 sage ,that was his buddy

10:40 crusty is purring but still wont eat he took his IV good but fought back a little

8-30-03 9:51am crusty took his IV good this morning he slept in the laundry basket in our room all last nite but about 3am was yawling 4 sage and looked all over the house 4 him .....he is looking better every day but still wont eat or drink ,we uped his iv fluid by 50cc's he is less dehidrated but his toung is still swolen (caused by distemper) but if the treatments are working it should go away soon ...

oh and allmost forgot the kind people at vally vet clinic in redbluff california,if it wasnt 4 them helping save our cats we would not know what 2do thank you guys 4 your help ,thease people a s far as iam concerned are the best place 2 take an anmial sick or not , my dog even likes them and my dog dont like many people........

8-31-03 8:33AM CRUSTY started eating yesterday looks really good even cleaned himself ,he took his fluid like it was nothing .....looks like he kicked it ....i think it helped a great deal by giveing him extra fluid and sitting him by a space heater after the iv fluid 2 warm him back up ,we upped his fluid by 1 treatment a day and all 3 treatments were 200 .....
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Sounds criminal to me. I think you should discuss this with a lawyer and see how to proceed.

Moving this thread to the SOS forum. I'm also editing out the name of the shelter as it could get us in trouble for spreading libel. Hope you understand.
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Oh my. If you have some proof, maybe a local media organization would get involved to help.
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if any 1 knows how i can lawfully stop jim and the spca from doing this again plz tell me ......and if jim reads this he owes 3 kids an appoligy and if his boss at the spca reads this iam going 2 the news with more than enouph proof that this was intentional
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First off with a claim this serious, you would need substantial proof. If you have that proof, and I am talking more than just word of mouth, I am talking evidence then you contact the main Humane Society for your area. I don't know where you are located, but you can look up the address on the net. Just got to Google type in Main headquarters Humane Society (state.

But before you go ahead with this claim, you should have a coherent journal or log book about the events, your vet bills, clinic notes, and the heresay that Jim said this and that will not stand up in court- sorry, but it won't. Jim could just be a troublemaker who likes to shoot off his mouth, these are serious claims you want to level at a respected institution so proceed cautiously.
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