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Pre labor behavior?

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What are some behaviors cats tend to take on before their labor starts? I'm a little confused. All this time we thought Polly was pregnant now she's showing signs that she's going into heat (minus the all night crying) But she's kind of restless, looking for more affection and was even rubbing her behind against the couch tonight. Any of those signs that labor is to begin
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Hmmmmm that is interesting . Did you feel her tummy to see her nipples are standing up (hard) ? Or do you feel movements in there ? How long is she into the pregnantsy (sp) . Is she looking for a place to stay or does she have one where she can have her babys . You know it could be that she wants you there with her . Sometimes cat do that , they don't want to be alone .Does she try to make her nest where she suposed to have the babys ? That is a sign she is very clouth (sp) to giving birth .Also if she is long into pregnancy make sure you are ck her privat part . If there is fluit coming out she is suposed to get the baby (hmmmm not sure how long) but for sure in the next ours . If she is not having the baby I thing 12 ours (but not sure of time ) you need to bring her to the vet she may have problems . I had one female once and that happen to her and I waited to long to bring her in no need to say she had a c section and all of her babys died . She also almost died from the infection she got, having them babys to long in her . I don't know if I was any help to you . I hope everything is allright with your sweetie girl .
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The thing is we're not 100% sure that she is pregnant. We're a little ify on the whole subject of her being pregnant. You can read about some of the signs that she is showing her, along with pictures of herhttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=22480

As for the whole bed deal; I made her a bed along time ago (around the time I thought she might be pregnant). She loves it and sleeps in it usually. So, she has a place to birth the babies.

I checked her private area nothing is discharging or anything like that. Her stomach is hard and sticks out slightly on the sides (She is a small cat to begin with) I don't feel any movement and when I put my ear on the sides of her stomach I hear nothing unuaual.

Well, any comments are helpful. I'm still wondering if she's pregnant
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I may have missed it; were you planning on taking her to the vet? Even if she's not pregnant, at least the lump in the stomach should be examined. Either way, I wish you luck
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Did you ever go to the vet with her ? I just read the thread you have posted befor about her .By now you should feel some movements on her belly if you stay long enough there with your hand . Maybe you need to go to the vet with her and let her ck out just to be on the save side with her . He/she can tell you for sure by know if she is pregnant or not .
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According to your dates it has been at least 70 days and that is over due. I would take the kitty to the vet immediatly. If she didn't have all her shots before gettting out she could have contracted an illness. If her belly is still swollen she could have lost the kittens , but not passed them. This could result in her death.
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This is getting confusing my Mother said she could have sworn she felt movement today. Things just keep contradicting things in my case. Who knows. I'll keep you all updated if you wish. Thanks for the well wishes
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Please have your mom take this cat to the vet. It is always a wise idea for the vet to see a pregnant mom, and also once the kittens are born 24 hours later to take the whole family to the vet for a checkup.
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That's not going to be a problem, believe me. I am going to take the mother and kittens into the vet.

Besides that fact, I rested my head on Polly's belly and I'm hearing movement of some kind. About two of the three times I rested my head on Polly's I heard a sort of thumping or knocking inside her. So there is movement and no reason for anyone to plead with me to bring the cat into the vet, I understand how critical it is, but it's not nescessarily as dangerous as everyone believe. She still has another week or so to go as far as her due date. It's just the fact that (A) I don't have the money to get Polly to the vet. I'll have it next week. and (B) I don't see a serious danger here, there's movement in her belly. I know I should have taken her along time ago, earlier in her pregnancy but as I stated I'm not in the financial situation to. I will get her in though, no need to worry. I know the information given on here is not supposed to substitute the medical supervision of a vet, I'm just wondering some signs that labor has started.
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