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Marshmallow needs some board magic

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So, our kitty has this huge gash on his ear. He was a stray for 6 years or so, and Josh and I rescued him right off the street. I took him to the vet today because the cut seemed infected. While there, the vet expressed her concerns because the cut doesn't seem to be healing at all. Being that Marshmallow is an all white cat, and white cats are more susceptible to cancer, she is worried that this unhealing cut may really be cancer. If the cut does not begin to heal within a week or so, Josh and I must make an appointment for Marshmallow to have a biopsy done on his ear. If the biopsy comes back positive for cancer, Marshmallow will have to have his ear amputated. This makes us horrilbly sad. So, please keep our little guy in your prayers.
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oh poor marshmallow... i'll be praying for him.. he'll be fine... give him a hug or two for me, jillian
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OMG poor Marshmallow! Sending prayers to Bast for him.
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Poor sweety...prayers are on their way.
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Bless your heart , I sure will be praying for your cute guy
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Jillian, you know how I feel about Marshmallow and that I'm only hoping for the best when it comes to him.

You really are doing everything you can for Marshmallow. If not for you and Josh, Marshy would still be dealing with all this, but having to do it outside with very little care.

Hopefully it's just a deep cut that needs time to heal. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for him.
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Keeping my fingers crossed over here that it'll heal.....
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Oh no poor baby!! I guess the bright side is that its only his ear and not his life. I know it's still not a good thing but I try to look at the positives.

*sending no cancer healing ear vibes for marshmallow*

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Oh Jillian! Lots of BM for Marshmellow.

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Thanks, everyone.
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Healthy prayers flying in for your little guy.
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Healthy vibes flying out to Marshmallow from Colorado!!
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Good thoughts going out from SLC to Marshmallow.
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Poor baby, love and good thoughts coming from San Diego.
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Prayers for Marshmallow's ear to heal coming your way!
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Poor Marshmallow.
I pray that she is ok and gets well soon. She's a beauty.

(Has she been tested for diabetes? My mom's cat had a wound that would not heal. . . . turns out he was diabetic - he used to eat sweets. . . . should have been a clue).

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No, he has never been tested for diabetes. I'm guessing that if they end up having to do the biopsy they'll check it for anything it *could* be.
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Positive healing vibes coming from Minnesota!!!
Poor Marshmallow!
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Good vibes for Marshmallow!!
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