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does anyone try to teach thier cat tricks?

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just curious, does any one try to teach thier cats tricks? i found cats are pretty smart and i managed to teach my cat charli to sit, stand on her hind legs, spin and scratch the scratching post, also mickey whos attention span is a bit less can stand and hes just learning to spin as well! it takes alot of patience and practise but they are pretty smart..
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I've heard it's possible but I've never tried it. Just wondering, how do you teach a cat to sit? Do you use the same method that is used for dogs, or do you use a different method?
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Both my cats can sit and shake "paws" (isn´t it called to "shake hands", when people greet, make a deal etc..?)

Pollýanna used to stand on her hind legs, but I don´t think she does that anymore.

Feykirófa playes "fetch".

I always mean to teach them more tricks...I would also like them to use the toilet.

It´s very easy to teach them to sit, I don´t know how you teach a dog to sit, but with the cats, you just press lightly on their behind and hold a treat above their head, and they sit! (and always use the same word, like "sit")
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Spike knows a couple "tricks". He knows how to sit and how to give me his paw.

He knows a lot of words though that aren't trick related. He always looks at me if I say his name. And if I ask him where the 'red dot' is, he starts scanning the ground. He will also run to the stairs if I say 'upstairs' or 'downstairs', depending on where we are. He also knows 'treat' (of course! ), and will sit and raise his paw on his own if he wants one, since he always gets a treat if he gives me his paw when I ask him to. And he knows 'tuna' and 'kitty milk' as well. Oh, and 'brush'. And a bunch of toy names as well, like 'fishing pole' and 'Oliver' (one of his stuffed cats).

I think he's really quite smart, and when he doesn't respond, I'm certain he understands, but just chooses to ignore me.
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Most of the trick my cats do, they just did once or twice by themselves and then I encouraged it. Everyone but Coco will 'beg' and if I start to mew like a little kitten, Popcorn will come to me from wherever she is and start meowing like crazy, looking for the lost little soul.
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Neat!!! Can't think of any tricks mine have, they do know their names, they come when called.


I think he's really quite smart, and when he doesn't respond, I'm certain he understands, but just chooses to ignore me.
Couldn't have put it better myself. They're so lovely in that they can choose to do/not do something, so it's really special when they do.
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My tortie siamese Chrissie and my sealpoint Simba both fetch and they just started doing it themselves. I guess it made sense to them that I would throw it again if they gave it back to me! LOL
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Wow I'm impressed! Cool tricks!

Zoey can play fetch (when she feels like it )
She always comes when I call her and make kissy noises
She always jumps up on her hind legs when I hang a treat in front of her
She does backflips when I play with her feather on a stick.. most of you saw that video

That would be cute if I could get her to give me her paw (and not her teeth )
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My boy Jake is OBSESSED with "fetch", From the moment hubby gets home he meows and "talks" and even stands on the coffee table in front of the TV until hubby gets an earplug and flicks it accross the room. Jake will jump over ANY obstacle and thru any hoop, he will search for 5 minutes to find that earplug and bring it back. He wont let hubby quit until he is absolutely worn out and then he takes the earplug and lays down on the cool linoleum to rest contentedly! It's a riot!
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Felixia does somersaults (sp?) across the back of the couch sometimes when she's feeling frisky.

It's easy to get a cat to sit when you have a treat - just show them the treat at nose level, then move it above his head - it's a natural reaction to sit so he can see the treat (IF he doesn't just grab it out of your hand!). Tell the cat "sit" as he sits down, then give him the treat. It's the same way you teach a dog to sit (but don't tell him that).
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Ivo's special trick is "up-up-up". I'll stand by her kitty condo, point at it and say the magic words. She'll come running in, crouch down and jump up on the condo while meowing. I think she learned this because I like to pet her while she's up there.
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Both of my Siamese cats fetch like dogs. I taught my Snoopy to do it, but Shane just picked it up on his own. In fact Shane sometimes initiates the fetch game. He'll bring me up a toy to throw, on his own.
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Sasha can fetch the mouse. He also knows how to jump up on my shoulder when I tap on it. He is soo smart!
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If I say "Bed time, Boo!", Socks will jump up on my bed.

LoL... that's about all she does trickwise.

She has sleeping and treat stealing mastered, though. If there was a longest nap competition, she'd get a medal.
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Our youngest boy Merlin will jump up from the floor into our arms. He will also leap from a table or couch into our arms. He always gives us a little chirp right before he leaps. I think it is his way of saying "Here I come, Catch me!" Our black girl Sparkle will go and get her feather toy for us when we ask her to. My oldest maine coon Velvet while she was alive would shake hands, sit pretty, spin, and hiss and growl on command. She was really smart. My oldest tuxedo Skeeter does something neat. I am not sure you would call it a trick. She is a diabetic. When it is time for her insulin shot she will come over to me and remind me!
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Peaches has a trick..... I pop the top of a can of wet food,then peel it back and she comes running!
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George used to ring bells (hanging from the door knob) to go outside or to get attention.
His previous owner taught him this trick. . . so I don't get any of the credit. It was so cute! I always had him demonstrate for company.

He also used to lay on his back with his cute little stubby paws in the air. . . my son would sing "Thriller" and he would roll from side to side. . . . not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but it was a riot.

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Since I have 7 wonderous beauties(and NO I'm not bias), I'll only mention Vegeta's newly learned paw shake. He's only only been in with us for a few weeks but I've been doing this with him whenever I see him. I ask "Whatsa doing?" and he'll answer back with all the adventures of the day, and next I'll say "Ta-Ta..Ta-Ta" and he'll cover his face with his big huge double paws.

I love the ta-ta thing, it's like he's so embarassed of me speaking like that he needs to hide. you know if I can't see you, you can't see me.
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Nah no tricks- they play fetch , come when called and sit - my dogs know every trick- dogs are so smart!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Peaches has a trick..... I pop the top of a can of wet food,then peel it back and she comes running!
LOL - Now that's remarkable
How long did it take you to teach her that?
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Scarlett, Muddy and Koko dance for their (wet) dinner. Scarlett, Muddy and Stumpy take goldfish crackers from our lips (we get little kitty kisses when they do this). Scarlett plays chase with her daddy - he chases her then they turn around and she chases him. Max (over the bridge) used to sit, but only for cheese, and only when the dogs got it with him. Max was also the master of the chase game.

The cats teach each other tricks, like the "open the cabinet door and crawl inside" trick, and the "sit on the counter and jump down when you hear mom coming" trick. I also had one learn to jump up and turn door knobs to open the door, and another that could hit the latch on the screen door to let himself out.
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Mine know a few basics...
Buck fetches his furry mice. It took a while for him to bring the mouse back to me after he found it, as he always expected me to pick it back up even when he was closer to it.
Tess knows the High Five. She's a tortie, so she gets a bit whacky at times and when she didn't want to be bothered, she'd stand up on her hind legs and swat at me. She mellowed out as she got older but I taught her how to do it without being in a bad mood. Sometimes she'll get lazy and just High Five me while she's laying down.
My BooBoo used to know how to beg. He passed on last year but he would stand up straight on his hindlegs like a prairie dog as soon as I said "beg."
Pretty much all of my cats know the "jump" trick. I say Jump and they jump up on my chest or shoulder from where ever they are. Unfortunately, the trick kind of backfired with Junior. Whenever he wants attention, he'll just be flying through the air at me, whether I ask him to or not!
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i would love to teach my two to fetch..charli does it kinda but she won't bring it back..if start to teach her it will take alot of took me her about 10-14 days to learn to scratch her scrathing post on demand! and thats practising everyday!

i recently had friend over and charli got to perform her tricks..they were so impressed! heheheh

i think the next one i'll try to teach her is 'lay down'
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