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I didn't realize

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Last April I was still living at my mothers house and we live in a rural town (mostly woods) and we get plenty of strays, well one cat had 2 kittens and disowned them, one was a black and white and the other was what I thought was a Himalayan, they were sisters well I figured since they were starving and the mother wasn't taking care of them I did, well that night the black and white one died she was too weak to eat, the Himalayan wanted to live, I had doubts of keeping the kitten but I did. I took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with FELV, it tore my heart up to know that, but she seems as heathy as any cat.
I just got the new issue of *Your Cat* from Iams, and my kitty was in there, but she is not a Himalayan, she is a Birman, and both types of cats are very wanted by most cat lovers, as I understand. Well I hope all liked my story, if you'd like to hear more or see a picture of her let me know.
e~mail me at: quicieme@aol.com
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I'm sorry about the kitten. Kittens seems to be the most vulnerable when it comes to cat diseases. The good news is that cats can and do live healthy productive lives even with FELV. As long as they are the only cat in the house. so take care of that precious kitty and give her all the love she deserves. You won't be disappointed.

Good luck. Would love to see pictures of your kitty!
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Hi quicieme and welcome!

So good of you to save the kitten! As Donna said, many cats live long and healthy lives even if they are FeLV positive. You may want to read the article about FeLV in this site.

Why not make a cat page for your kitty, so we can all see her?
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