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meow meow seems sick

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I recently changed the dry food the kids eat to science diet.. somehow, meow meow seems to be getting diahorrea(sp?) from it but i've checked with the pet store..they say it takes a few days for her tummy to get adjusted to it.. last night when i was changing her cat litter, i realised there's blood in her poop.. somewhat like our periods but she's sterilized... i'm wondering if she is sick... any advice or anything?
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Yikes.. I think a vet trip is in order. Or at least bring them a stool sample

Did you mix her old food and new food slowly so that she would get used to it and it be easier on her tummy?
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I agree with Sicycat - get her to the vet to make sure she doesn't have health problems. Mix the food about 50/50 to start for at least a few days, go to 75/25 mix for another few days, then go totally to the new food.
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i've been mixing them but somehow she is not taking it well... dang.. i should have kept the stool sample for the vet...
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If it happens again, put it in a baggie and if it's not possible to take it in right away, you can put it in the fridge. If it was a one time thing, and it was bright red it usually means some irritation. It could be from the food switch and her body is having a hard time digesting it, or she could have some irritation from hair or anything she may have swallowed in addition to her food.
Keep a close eye on the litter box. Also, it can take 3 weeks or more to know if a new food is going to be tolerated by a kitty
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