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Oh Sherral! That's great!

Still blushing...
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Me too!
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We worked at Kay jewelers,putting in a new celing washing walls and painting,we had a lot of fun and made $75.00 today! Stopped at Micky d's for dinner and just talked and laughed. Watch the sun set,and last night we went to the top of this hill and looked at mars.just down time with no kids or grandkids.
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I did't need the nigthy or kool whip! Did I say that?
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That's even better Sherral...that means he truly loves you for who you naturally are! But it is kinda fun to get a little racy once in a while!
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WOW , you go girl . Thats the key for you .... more time together
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When I read the thread in the Lounge about Ted getting a job, this was the first thing I thought of. Hopefully, it was just a stress-related thing.
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well, maybe it's time to re-evaluate what intimacy is... i mean, there's more to feeling close to each other than sex, there's massage, taking a bath together... just creating sexual intimacy in your day to day life... a lot of people confine it to just sexual feelings, but there's other stuff... there's that weird and wonderful thing called spiritual sex...

the i'm getting old line sounds like a cover up for: i'm worried i won't be able to please you...

maybe you can check out some tantra sites... we have a great book called the essential tantra, and though we don't face any of the issues you've described i think it may be a good book to get because it has a lot of reasonable solutions that will relight the fires... and bring you closer together.

whips, videos, creams etc etc etc may create sex, but they won't create intimacy, and for me, when you have intimacy you have a different more meaningful kind of sex...

but hey i'm only 24... i'm still a kid really...
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I hope things will get better for you once Ted isn't under so much stress. I wish I could give him half of my hubbies libedo. (sp?) I have just the opposite problem...working full time and taking care of a baby leaves me so worn out and my hubby thinks he needs to make love all the time. It's not that I don't ever want to...but once a week is plenty for me anymore. But I don't want to make him mad or hurt his feelings. I'm sure when the baby is older and not so much work, I will get my drive back.
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Debby - I think you need some "Me!" time, take Amber to a babysitter or let hubby have her for the day and you go and do something totally for yourself, go to a spa and get a massage etc. You have a lot on your plate and by the sounds of it, you need some time for yourself.
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Kellye...thanks so much for saying that....you are right...I need some ME time. I rarely get it....but I did make time tonight for just hubby and me...and found out so much I had forgotten! I think I need to take more ME time!!

Seriously......once I relaxed...quite worrying about things for just a while....my job (or lack of now) my parental responsiblities, money, how fat I thought I looked ....I actually really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!
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Things are looking up,now that Ted is working !!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Things are looking up,now that Ted is working !!
Hopefully, things are STANDING up, too!
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LOL yes they are!
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