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post for women with older better halfs.NO childern please.

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I have a question for women with over 50 men,Since everyone has left our love life should be great(no kids or MIL) but lately it has been the pits!Either it is none or not good,I am only 47 not ready to give up sex.He just keeps saying ,I am getting old! Crap!He will not even think about seeing a DR.This has been going on for about a month.Is this the way it is for older men? I don't know if this is ok to post or not ,if not I will get rid of it. thanks Sherral
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sometimes it happens. But he should get checked out by a doctor. He could have prostate problems that is causing it. Once that is taken care of or ruled out, maybe the doctor can talk to him about Viagra. But I can not stress enough that he should be checked over.
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Should I remove this post?
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I don't personally see a problem with it. I don't think it is any worse than the Viagra or Avimil (sp?..viagra for women) commericals.

Sorry no advice for you...it sounds like he's embarrassed to go to the Dr for that problem. Is he on any kind of antidepressants? If so, sometimes it effects men sexually.
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Stress could be a big factor, and as I remember, Ted has been under a lot of it, due to your employment situation. I would urge him to see the doctor, though. A sudden change is not good.
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is he on any meds? my husband and I are in our early 20s and when he was on paxil he was having some MAJOR problems. He switched meds and now everything is back to normal
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he takes no med's.at all.thats why I don't understand this.
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Ok..maybe a little editing on the third sentence. I just re-read it and somehow I missed those details!
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Sherral, maybe you guys just need a little spice added to your love life? Stress is a major factor I'm sure.

Good luck Hon...you're both too young to give up!
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major stress!It makes me feel like I am no longer sexy to him,Ted used to be a grab a`` man that has also stopped.
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Get him to the doctor, Sherral. Bill is 58, I'm 45 and we're as randy as couple of teenagers.

My ex went on Viagra, when he was 51, due to his heart medications. The stuff works great. (In his case, too great. He decided to take it on a road trip.)

Stress, prostate problems, high or low blood pressure and diabetes can cause problems. He may be feeling inadequate because you got a job and he hasn't. Try to make him talk about it. Don't be confrontational, though. That makes it worse.
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thanks katl8e I have tried to talk to him,he won't talk to me,(just says I am getting old)Says he will never go on viagia. Which I think is stupid.I think stress might be playing a roll.
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That also starts with mittlife crisis (sp) . A lot of man change in there hole behavior . Mine is 47 almost 48 and he started to have the crisis , boy he changed now for few years . The sex is still good so no problem there . Man come in that stage were they think about what they have done in life . Some times they get depressed over that and it could go into those problems . They also don't feel handsom any more and see how much they have aged and and and .... Sorry no help here , but I know it is tuff .
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Sherral, there is a product that is over the counter that is the herbal viagra. I know we sell it at WalMart and it's fairly cheap. It is called Super Goat Weed or sometimes called Super Horny Goat Weed.

I'm not kidding...its really called that! Anyway, I actually dared my ex while we were still together to see if he'd give it a try. Honestly, he didn't need it but he was up for the challenge. I do have to say it works...and it's a lot cheaper than viagra.

I wonder why Ted won't consider trying medications? You guys are not too old! Sexual desires start to fade with time, but they don't completely die. I wonder if he thinks that you are not turned on by him anymore? Maybe you guys are both thinking the same thing, when actually you both are attracted to each other more than ever!
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I just don't know! I know I still want him,I know I am not the same women he married,20 pounds heavier.He still weigh's what he did when we got married,he will never get fat,(tall and skinny!) Lucky him!(Things have dropped!LOL)I think he is to emmeresed(sp)to tell someone he can't do it anymore.MEN!!
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think I could slip some super goat weed in his MT Dew?
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Originally posted by sherral46
think I could slip some super goat weed in his MT Dew?
How about slipping yourself into the shower with him?
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There ya go! What man could resist that! You go girl!
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If he's having physical problems, he might be afraid to admit it to either himself or you. You're talking about the identity for most men, their other brain. How embarrassing if something were to go wrong with it?

If he won't go to a doctor, perhaps you should, if nothing else but to find out what might be going on and suggestions to tactfully help him thru whatever he is going thru. It sounds like he is in denial.
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Buy a wig, a neglagee (sp), heavy makeup and an adult movie of the things he likes.....

Have candles lit and a trail of lingerie leading to the bed room. Have his favorite beverage on ice and maybe you could start without him???

Fix him a bath and wash and dry him, then give him a massage.

Lots of guys are silly and are afraid to ask for something different. I have some videos I could loan you that are supposed to bring the spark back into your relationship.

Whoa is this too much info?!?!
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When I was a teenager I accidentally walked in on my grandparents once Think they were about 80 at the time. I was pretty shocked, but now that I'm older I think the fact that they were still close & intimate & always affectionate towards each other even at that age is wonderful.

Sounds like he may have some medical &/or stress issues, and he may be afraid to deal frankly with it because that's a major issue for a man. Men often have their "manhood" tied up with their identity, and to acknowledge a problem is frightening. Perhaps you could seek out a marriage counselor - just for you to talk with, to see if she could give you ideas about how to tactfully bring up the issue to him & convince him to see a doctor.
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HUMMMMM I get paid Friday,no bills,what should I buy?
A red or black or white? The TV in our room has a VCR>>>>>How about strawberry's and whip cream? Stopping now!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG...Sherral, you just cracked me up! I'd personally go with Red, but Black is rather sexy...plus it's slimming too! White is not a good idea...it's not as flattering for a full figured gal. Whipped cream? He'll like that!

Ok...I'm blushing now....
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:goodbad: :lips:
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How about starting small, so to speak? Don't focus on "the act", but set up a situation where you and your husband can have some quiet, intimate time together? Perhaps give each other back rubs, or foot massages. Play your favorite songs and slow dance with each other. Or just sit together and hold hands, or even better, walk around the block holding hands. If you don't focus on "the act", but focus on having an intimate contact with each other, perhaps it may lead to more
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sounds good! maybe that would work,Thanks!
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Whipped cream, OK but stay away from the chocolate syrup - its almost impossible to get out of the sheets!

Never mind, how I know that.
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Ted and I spent yesterday out of town from 10 AM to 10 PM,Ted has been working for this place called Labor Ready,where you work for the day and get paid at the end of the day. Anyway,he had a job out of town about 45 minutes away,and I had the last two day's off so I went with him,I went to a park and spent the day reading a book I have been meaning to read for a long time,today I worked with him and this other guy(the boss), we got home about a hour ago,and we have been so close the last two day's and I must say,things are looking up!!!!We just showered together,for the frist time in a long time.yes It happened. :lips:
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thanks everyone,I think we just needed to relax and just be together.
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