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Holy COW!

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For ONCE since I've been promoted I have had a FANTASTIC day! The owner and all the bigwigs showed up today and told me I was doing a great job and that my store was clean and well organized. I was floored! My RM(reginal manager) NEVER says this to me! she just nit picks and complains that the shop isnt' clean or organized enough. Well now I know that the bigwigs(owner and president on down the line) think I am actually doing a good job! You don't know how good that felt to hear, I just wish I'd hear it a little more ya know?
I even got to go home early! I feel like I'm walking on air!!!!!!!
YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flash:
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Congratulations! What kind of store do you run?

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Long John Silvers. I am the manager.
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Yay!!! How wonderful to get recognized for the good job you do, and by the people who count.
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Way to go! I work for Wal~Mart and know how hard it is to get recognition from a big company. Seems the more ya do the more they expect! So big time pat on the back!
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Good job! It always helps when you know people notice!
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YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is nice when someone tells you that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey, congrats!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone! I appreciate that more!
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It is nice to have a job well done recognized as such. Congrats Barb!!
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Congrats Barb! What sort of place is this? Is it like a departman store

wtg girl!
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I want to eat at your store!
I just hate dirty restaurants.
Keep up the good work!!!
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way to go!!!! doensnt it feel good to fianlly get what you deserve, it makes you want to try even harder and do a better job, if some of these clowns that all they do is criticize would catch on to this they might stop it congrats.
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