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Cham is getting spayed on Friday

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My Chammy is getting spayed on Friday, I got a low cost spay certificate for her and she is finally getting spayed, she is 4 years old and never had kittens and finally getting spayed. I had a vet that told me she shouldnt be spayed because she has a heart murmur and I had 2 others tell me she can be spayed that they dont really hear a murmur. I have so many cats that I got a low cost certificate for her spay, but they are going to do an ekg on her too to make sure she is ok first. I am taking her to an all cat clinic, my regular vet wasnt on the list for the certificate. I will be so happy to have her spayed , she will be much happier and so will I. She has to stay overnight and I wish she didnt have to, but I'm sure she will be fine. Since its an all cat clinic there wont be any barking dogs in the cages around her, thats one of the reasons I chose that clinic, she is a shy kitty. I'm just really nervous about it.
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I am sure everything will go fine with the kitty getting spayed. It is actually better for her because when they are not spayed/neutered they have more of a chance of getting cancer. My Angel has asthma and when she was spayed the surgery went well. She also stayed in overnight. It is better for them to stay overnight because the anesthia makes them a little cloudy. This past Friday I had to take my male 14 year old Kirby in for a dental. I should have left him in overnight because the anesthia made him groggy and he wasn't able to get around too well, so I put him in a crate to relax so he would be away from the other cats. The following day he was back to being himself. I also worried about Kirby the day he went to get the dental done. I did get good news about him, which was that his kidneys are functioning very well. That was a relief for me to hear.
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((Big Hug)) I was also very nervous when each of mine got snipped. I couldn't go home and wait, had to drive around and visited I don't know which stores to distract myself.

It'll be fine. How wonderful that you had the option of an all-cat clinic. There aren't any in my area. I, and the kitties, would have felt a lot better if there hadn't been so many barking dogs.
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Good luck!!! Zoey was already spayed when I got her
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I was a complete wreck when Nakita went in to be spayed. She had to stay at the clinic overnight and I couldn't wait to pick her up the next morning.

Positive thoughts going out for the surgery.

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Well its the night before and I'm getting nervous. I just took the food up since they told me not to feed her after midnight and Im about to go to bed. She is such a picky eater I have been following her around trying to get her to eat something. I tried 2 different can types and tuna water and her usual dry, just got her to eat a few bits of dry. This cat is the pickiest I have ever seen, she has always been that way. I'm so worried about the heart thing though, hopefully she will be fine though. She will be much happier. She has gotten to where she sprays in certain parts of the house and she is ruining some furniture. I just hope they are able to do it tomorrow and everything is ok for her to go ahead with the surgery. Its a new vet too and I'm kind of nervous about that too I guess. Its a cat only vet so thats good. Sorry for the long post, I just get nervous when I have to take one in for a spay or neuter.
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Let us know how everything went. I am sure all will be fine. I usually call the vet in the afternoon to find out how my cats are doing after having surgery. You might do that to put you at ease. Are you picking her up today or tomorrow?
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Let us know when you here from the vet! They normally call you after the surgery to let you know it went OK, if you're not picking your pet up that same day. At least, we always did at the vet I worked at . . . I'm sure she'll be fine! ((HUGS))
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We dropped her off this morning about 9 am. They probably thought I was some kind of spaz case, I couldnt remember my cell phone number to put on the form I had to ask my husband. She is getting pre op bloodwork and and EKG if she thinks its necessary too. So far no phone call saying they cant do it so I guess it will be ok. I'm such a worrier hopefully they wont think I'm a crazy person when I come back to pick her up. Its a nice office, a couple of cats running around, very clean and all kinds of cat toys and stuff. Looks like a great little place. They have Royal Canin buy one bag, get one free too. I just bought 2 bags yesterday, I should have waited.
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She'll be fine. You can also phone them if you want, vets offices are used to anxious pet owners calling for updates.

Wow, a vet office selling something other than SD? I'd stick with them!

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The vet just called, she is fine. Her bloodwork was normal and she is just waking up she said. I'm so relieved! They didnt have to do the EKG afterall. We can pick her up in the morning. Yay! Now I can relax and enjoy the first football game of the season at my daughters high school tonite. She is in the marching band for the first year this year and will get to do their halftime program the first time tonite.
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Cham is home, she has been home for a while now and she is glad to be back in her own surroundings. She ate a little food and went to lay down. I'm so glad she is back. The Vet was really fantastic and they have a really friendly staff, including a kitty that demands attention when you walk in the door. Its a very calm and quiet office. The vet found no heart murmur and the bloodwork all came back normal. I was really glad to hear that.
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I do hope all has gone well. tell her getting snipped is for her own good and its not that bad!!
Speaking personally, it was okay for me - unsure though if I am now speyed or neutered!!!

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I am so glad everything went so well with Cham!!!! How is she recovering???
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Cham is doing good, she looks so thin, her sides are sunken in a bit. She needs to gain some weight, she doesnt eat much when she is in heat and she is a picky eater. Hopefully she will get a little bigger. She is feeling pretty good, sleeping alot and laying on the bed where she loves to be. I'm sure she will be much happier now.

Kev, I had my husband neutered a long time ago, Ha! The way I see it is I had 2 c-sections when my kids were born and thats the least he could do! Now he is fat and lazy and just lays on the couch and sleeps. (just kidding!)
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Glad to hear Chammy is okay!
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