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How much should a cat eat

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My Bf moms cat is 12lbs and she gives her 1\\2 of a can of cat food a day and she gives her some dry food thru out the day to . Also the cat when she eats the dry food she throws it up. She eats iams weight control . She dosent know what to do please help her
Thank you
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If the cat is throwing up a lot, then a vet check is always advisable.

Cats are gulpers, they do not chew their food, they inhale it practically. Sometimes when the cat is vomiting after meals, elevating their food bowl will relax their throat and slow down their eating. Adding a little bit of broth to the dry food will help as well, but if a vet hasn't been seen, I strongly advise her to take the cat in. An infestation of round worms (for example) will cause a cat to throw-up after meals.
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If you have a cat who vomits every time they eat, medical problems should be ruled out first. You really want to make sure there's no obstruction, problems with the esophagus, or an infection.
As Hissy said, she could be eating too fast. It could also be an intolerance to the dry food, or a digestion problem. Starting with the vet is a really good idea.
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How long has she been throwing up? If it is fairly recently, another possible factor is a bad bag of food (that has happened to me with a bag of Science Diet where I had 10 cats suddenly throwing up all at once). No matter what, the vet should check her out and rule out medical conditions.
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She dosent throw up everytime she eats only sometimes and when she does throw up the food is whole. how much food should she be feeding the cat is she feeding her to little or to much
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Fur balls and eating too fast are the #1 causes of cats vomitting. Other possibilities are poisons being used around the house to kill pests or clean the floors/rugs... etc.

A full grown cat 10+ lbs needs about 3/4 cup dry food per day. That's IT! No canned food for regular diet. it'sd not good for their teeth and tends to have A LOT more fat content. I feed my cat canned once a month and only a third of a can over three days. He also doesn't get table scraps. I do all this and he's STILL slightly over weight because of inactivity (work all day and have interests that take me away for the evenings 3/7 days per week, so we don't play a lot). He's also solely indoors as he's de-clawed (not my choice, prior owner did it)... letting him out is suicide...

Point is -- a house cat in the truest form doesn't need a ton of calories.
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