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Cat Poops on Carpet

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My cat poops on the carpet in the front room of my house.  This is also the only place he scratches at the carpet.  I think the previous owners had a dog, but we've shampooed the carpet three times since moving in and the problem only started recently, we've been in the house for almost a year.  Cat box is cleaned daily.


Anyhoo, how do I get him to stop...because he may soon become a stray.  Not kidding!



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First of all, have you ruled out any health issues? That is one of the first things you should think about.

And honestly, if you really were to get rid of your cat for this, please try to find him a proper home instead of just abandoning him. :/
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No, the cat has no health issues, thanks for asking.   And there has been no change in the home.  Food, litter, sleeping and people in the home are all the same as it has always been.

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So you've had your cat for at least a year, and you admit yourself that this problem is recent, yet you are still saying you're about to get rid of him? Some advice: don't go on a cat lover's forum and say that you're going to abandon your cat immediately after he starts doing something wrong. Sorry if I sound mean, but you have to realize who your audience is before you start saying things like that.

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^Very true.  I would agree strongly... This is the worst place you could talk about abandoning your cat instead of doing the responsible thing and trying to figure out what is wrong and if you still don't want him, finding him a responsible and loving home. 


This could be silly and you might not have thought about it... But have you gotten a different litter brand lately?  Maybe he doesn't like his litter?  Mine are very picky on litter.  One in particular.  It drove me crazy a couple years ago because I had switched to pine once because it lasts longer and my cat Piper refused to use it so she would go right outside the box.  Cats are picky. 


Has he been to the vet and ruled out health issues? It could be a urinary tract infection or intestinal infection causing him pain and he may be blaming the box. 


I don't know.  Not enough info to go on in this one.  It is sad that you seem not to care and want him gone rather than solving the issue. 

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For what it's worth, I share your frustration as I've recently dealt with my youngest female pooping on my living room carpet. I truly hope that you're speaking out of frustration regarding your cat becoming a stray.


As others have suggested, a vet visit to include a fecal test, if this hasn't already been done, to rule out any medical issues. You mentioned cleaning the carpets. What did you use? Regular carpet cleaning solutions won't cut it. The scent will still be present, at least to the cat and he'll continue being drawn back there. You'll need to clean the area with a good enzyme cleaner to remove the odor.  Many TCS members have had success with Nok Out I've found Nature's Miracle to be effective and just cleaned my living room carpet with their deep cleansing carpet shampoo. So far, so good. What other measures have you taken to draw your cat back to the litter box? Have you added one in the area where the cat has been pooping? Tried Cat Attract Litter or a Feliway diffuser?

Also recommended to me was placing plastic carpet runners, grippy side up, in the affected areas, as cats don't like to walk on them. This has also worked for us.


If you can provide more information what you've done or haven't so far, we may be able to provide additional steps to help.

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Thanks, Eilcon, for your advice.  I hadn't thought about the strength of the carpet cleaner, so I'll check out those that you suggested.


As for the rest of cat has only pooped on the carpet twice, ever.  This started only two weeks ago.  It is not consistent.  He usually uses his box, but always in the front room which is on the other side of the house from his box.  Yes, he is very healthy and active, and no, I haven't changed anything about his living or box arrangements or lifestyle.


As for my cat becoming a stray...I have had my cat (and no other pets) for four years.  I love him, but I will not tolerate an animal that pees or poops in my living space, or scratches on my things.  Period.  Should my cat's behavior continue, however, he will quickly find himself outside and no longer be allowed in the house.  Period.  He will then be cared for as an outdoor cat. Period.


I came to this site looking for a solution to the problem, thinking that cat lovers had experience and would know best.  My intent is not to be cold hearted or irresponsible, so please respect that I have certain living expectations that includes not allowing my children to live in an unsanitary environment.  I have children who play on that same carpet and I'll always choose the health of my children over a pet. 

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Your cat may be scenting another pet from the previous owners pooping on carpet. This will cause the feline to go to the washroom right in the same spot, as its territorial marking. Have you tried vinegar to clear out the scent? You may have to remove the carpet also as the scent will remain under the carpet once cleaned; therefore the feline may still use it as a washroom area. Don't get rid of your cat for a temporary issue that can easily be corrected.

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Did a new neighbor move in somewhere nearby with pets? Often, a dog or an outside cat moving into the area will upset a resident cat. It could also be a stray or feral cat wandering around that your cat can smell. The cat could be staying close to your house for warmth now that it's cold outside. That the most common reason when medical issues are ruled out.

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I totally agree with you! Our new cat (2 years old) just pooped on our brand new carpet. How frustrating! She was going in her litter box but it's in the spare bedroom and my son started using the room to spend time with his kitty. He watched tv there and it was probably too loud for the cat to use her box. Either way, I hope that was the reason as I will also not tolerate cat poops and pee on our carpet. Oh ya, she also peed there! In the same spot. Gross! Now I have to go get a carpet cleaning product. And yes, we do love our cat, but a clean enviroment is more important to us.
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