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Reward Training?

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I was wondering if anyone has had success using reward training with their cat? I know it has worked really well for my brother and his dog, he gives him a bone or a pup-peroni as a reward for good behavior- peeing outside, coming when he's called, sitting, etc.

Would that work for my cat? I'd love to make Princess a little better behaved, and I know she loves her pounce purrfections. Would she give up scratching the couch for a treat? Would she like the litterbox more? Any thoughts on this subject would be great.

THanks in advance.
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I had three cats when I lived with my parents and I had all three of them trained to sit, lay, roll-over and speak. I trained them just like you would a dog, but gave them a little more slack when they weren't at all interested. I found that the soft treats that you can break into little pieces (they're shaped like fish, but I can't think of the name of them) work the best and you can make them small so they don't get full too fast. It just takes time, but they're very responsive. Cats are VERY intelligent, just stubborn. Never negatively reinforce them, only positively. I hope that helps.
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I pretty much trained Zoey to scratch on her post instead of my leather chair, with treats. It can be done!
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LOL I wish my dad had given me his training secrets, he used to be able to get our cats to do the cuties things. He trained one to play dead & one to say his prayers before bed. Yup I'm not kidding, all he would do is callhim for bed, & Tabby would stand on his hind legs, place his paws on our foot stool & even mew over them it was soooo cute.
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Thanks for the stories.
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Ooooh Pounce Purrfections--my kitty loves those, too! Sometimes, though, it's good to start off with something exciting that she rarely if ever gets (Bekah gets canned food treats sometimes for doing nothing...so it really isn't a motivational tool) When our cat uses her scratching post, she likes to show off and get forehead scratches/praise. We haven't taught her any spiffy tricks like playing dead, but she knows "down" and "up." (that's REALLY handy )
Here's an interesting link... Training your cat to do tricks
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