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Do you have fruit growing where you live?

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I'm looking through the window and the mango tree is heavy with fruit. Made me wonder, do other people here have fruit growing in their yard/garden?

We have mangos, figs, grapes, citrus fruit (several kinds), lichi (sp?), anona (sp?), avocados, lemons, pecans and macadamia nuts.

I think we may have had a thread about this long time ago, but with so many new members from new places...
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We have berries, peaches, cherries (5 different kinds), apples, (6 different types) pears, plums and grapes. We also have walnuts, and filberts- fruits and nuts that's me!

We recently tore up all our grape vines they were sour grapes used in winemaking. We will replant table grapes next year.
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I have a mulberry tree in my backyard. Unfortunately, the birds and squirrels usually beat me to the harvest. I did get a few berries when it bore fruit in June, but they got the lion's share.
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I have apple, pear, peach, cherry, plum, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, mulberry, walnut, hazelnut and Kentucky Coffeebean. My pear tree will lose branches this year under the weight of the fruit, but will give the deer plenty to eat this winter. Pear blossoms are beautiful in the spring.
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Pear blossoms are beautiful! The town where I grew up has a main street lined with flowering pear trees, and in spring it is breathtaking!

I also love cherry blossoms, both the white and pink ones. I have a flowering cherry tree in my yard.
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I dont have any fruit trees Gotta love apartment life

My boyfriend has a lemon tree though
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We just have apples growing in our backyard- but unfortunately they're CRAB apples The blossoms sure are pretty in the spring though

My Nan has blackberries and blueberries in her backyard- I'm going to see if there are any left and make some jam
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In my yard I have apricots, peaches, cherries and apples. My apricot tree didn't produce much this year though. I think it is in it's off year.
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We have two cherry trees, grapes, grapefruit, orange, peach, and a few others I don't know the name of.
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I'm not so good in the garden but I have an olive tree and a mandarin tree. The neighbors have a lovely lemon tree right near the back fence with the biggest, healthiest looking lemons. They don't look after the tree or use the lemons for anything, though. Trouble is, they're all...just...barely...out of my reach.

Is it an urban legend that human wee is good for citrus trees?
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I have a humongous white birch tree in my back yard (about 200 years old). . . . and very tall Spruce tree in my front yard. . . . and lots of Rhododendrons in the spring and some flowering bushes of some sort (pink flowers in early summer), and many Oak trees in the neighbor's yard that create tons of raking for me in the very late fall. . . and lots of a acorns for the squirrels. . . . no fruit or vegetables in my yard to speak of.

I do have way too many wasps this year! Yuck!!!!
I had 6 nests sprayed by a professional last week (I won't touch them - most were on my roof - one in my mail box!).

All the farmers & gardeners are currently reaping their harvest of sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, various squash, etc. . .

Blueberry season began a few weeks ago. . .

The fall foliage will be upon us very soon as the nights are starting to turn colder.

And then the Macintosh apples will be here. . . . along with pumpkins!

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Originally posted by George'smom
All the farmers & gardeners are currently reaping their harvest of sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, various squash, etc. . .
I'm jealous - the farmers in my area just cut down their dried up corn plants over the weekend due to the drought in our area. The grass hasn't grown so there will be no hay for the livestock over the winter. It's been a terrible time for farmers in the midwest this year.
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Originally posted by Anne
We have mangos, figs, grapes, citrus fruit (several kinds), lichi (sp?), anona (sp?), avocados, lemons, pecans and macadamia nuts.

Can I place an order? I looove mangos, pecans and macadamia nuts. Lucky you!

I tried to grow a vegetable garden in the backyard, but there are so many rocks that it was an impossibility. I have an herb garden in the front yard, tons of spearmint, catnip, yarrow and curry!
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We have 3 apple trees and many red raspberry bushes. We also have mulberry trees and walnut trees, but neither of us likes walnuts or mulberries. I hate it when the birds eat the mulberries and then I have purple poop all over my car!!!

Our garden did really well...lots of sweet corn and tomatoes....but we need rain very badly or the rest of my tomatoes are going to die.
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San Diego county produces the most avocados in the entire US. We also have oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, grapes, all regular veggies, apples (Julian pies!), guava, figs (fresh! yum!), indian plums, strawberries, blood oranges, and those are just the ones I'm aware of. I have a fig tree and a guava tree I just bought and can't wait for them to produce!
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My parents have lemon, orange and tangerine trees, in their yard. When I lived in Tombstone, we had a huge grapefruit tree, that came with the house. Since neither the ex nor I like grapefruit, we gave it all away.
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i dont have any fruit trees, but i have a Buckeye tree, and it has lots of little buckeyes on it, pretty cool, since this is the buckeye state
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We have a nice plum tree, it had soooooo many plums on it this year! The poor thing was overloaded! Our neighbors on all sides came over to ask if they could have some, there was NO way hubby and I could find a use for all those plums, so we let the neighbors have 'em.
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u know, i'm really jealous of all of you cos you ppl have the space to plant fruit trees.. i'm a fruits dustbin.. i eat a lot of fruits but i can't grow any here cos i stay in a small apartment... i wish i could have some fruits plucked off the branch and eaten straight away...
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We rent our house so we can't plant trees, but we have a nice lemon tree under our kitchen window, with big yummy juicy lemons.

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We live in an apartment, but I still buy the plants. I even have a Hibiscus and a Jacaranda.
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Oh, you guys are killing me! I've always wanted to grow citrus and avocado trees, but up here in Planting Zone 5 (the middle of Canada), it just ain't gonna happen. But we're enjoying corn, beans, zucchini and tomatoes right now, and I'm harvesting and drying lavender from my little front garden. We had wonderful strawberries earlier this summer, but since the spring was so cold, the season only lasted a couple of weeks; now we're back to California ones again.

Purple mulberry poop! Hee hee hee...
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Mangos!! Covet! Covet! Covet!

Our garden is on the small side, and a rental property at that, so we haven't messed with it too much. But we do plant tomatoes (cherry tomatoes "garden candy") every year and they are awesome. Also scarlet runner beans, which I love.

There's a small patch of rhubarb that was there when we moved in, and most years we get a few good feeds off it, though this year, for some reason, it was mostly pretty scrawny, so we haven't had much.

There's a tree in the corner that my husband thinks is a quince. If I were more into preserving, I'd do some research to see if it really is and then make jam. But we don't eat much jam and stuff, so there's not much point. The flowers sure are pretty in the spring, though!

I grow herbs in window boxes and pots on the back porch, and love to pick them fresh when I'm cooking. We also have five hanging baskets of nasturtiums, which are wonderful to dress up a salad or decorate a special dinner plate.

Other than that, it's flowers and shrubs and stuff. Rob's the one with the green thumb, and he does most of the gardening.
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