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Cat is all of a sudden lethargic

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My 4 year old cat is extremely active and playful. When I got home from work today she was acting like herself - ready to play. A few hours later, her behavior completely changed. She became very lethargic and sickly looking. She is wobbly and was walking extremely slow -seems like her balance is off. Her eyes are also very droopy and she just looks miserable. She is now laying down and won't move for anything. She didn't eat her dinner and I haven't seen her drink any water either. She's been to the bathroom but it was earlier today. She is 100% indoors and has not gotten into anything. I don't know what would have caused her to completely change like this in a few short hours. Not sure what to do and I would appreciate any advice since I'm so worried about her. 

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If it continues the rest of the night and she is still acting like this in the morning or gets progressivly worse during the night I would defently get a vet for atleast a check up. I am no expert at all but sounds like she may have picked up a bug or just felling under the weather. Do you have any house plants or anything and has she tried eating on them? I know that cats like to eat grass when there not felling well and it helps there tummys even when they are felling fine. I know that I went out and bought a little bucket thing of grass for my cat to eat it on and it helped when she was not felling well. Do you think she may have gotten into something? I would defently check around and see if you can;t find any cleaning supplies or anything like that she might have gotten into just in case.

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I would contact the ER vet, especially with the wobbliness and the droopy eyes.  That concerns me.

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Wondering what happened with this kitty.  Did you contact your Vet?  How is she?

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I had a very similar experience with my 2 year old girl last week.  I thought she had swallowed something.  I took her to the ER and they did X-Rays and an Ultra Sound.  They found no foreign objects, but she tested positive for tapeworm, which they treated.  When I picked her up they showed me the tapeworm on the slide.  I'm glad they found something, as the visit cost me big bucks!  If you really don't think she swallowed something, I would keep an eye on her and take her to your regular vet.  If there's ANY chance that she could have swallowed a foreign object, then get her to an ER, as her intestine could block, or perferate, which could be fatal. 

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The safe thing is of course to contact a good vet ASAP. At the very latest in the  morning.

Preferably a good clinic, not a part time, free time practictioner.


How much you dare or must to wait depends on your circumstances.


Good luck!     *vibes*

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Thanks everyone for your concern. She made it through the night (with me sleeping right next to her). I knew I was going to take her to the vet, but I wanted to wait until morning because the vet ER in my area is awful. She seemed better in the morning, but I still took her in. By the time they examined her, she seemed to be fine and wasn't falling down anymore. There wasn't much they could do but they think since she didn't get into anything, it may have been a seizure. They sent out blood work so I'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, she is doing better and walking okay. She doesn't have very much energy so I'm just letting her rest. She seems to be slowly snapping out of it thank goodness. I've never experienced anything like that before and I pray it won't happen again. 

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Is this cat an older cat?


I'm glad she seems to be getting better, and that you had her checked to rule out some of the common problems.

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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post

Is this cat an older cat?



Nay, a 4 year, otherwise apparently healthy.


Myself, If I dare a wild guess at this moment, I would guess on a small stroke as one possibility.

This would explain why recovery "by itself" was possible.

Surely more common in olds, but possible also in younger.


Good it went over, what it it was.  Hope she proceeds to be better.


In the meantime, look through your house again if you find something unsafe lying around. Anything poisonous, anything unprioper to swallow...   Some electric with bare ends to get a electrical chock from?



Good luck!    *vibes*

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I hope they have considered a cardiac problem also.  They come on suddenly. 


I hope your kitty continues to improve.

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You know, there's another possibility.  One of your cats had a bladder stone, and he gave us some real scares before it was discovered.  He would "freeze," acting as if he  were having some sort of seizure, and then would slowly start moving again after a while.  Someone else here mentioned intestinal gas as causing some very scary behavior, too.

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