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My Cat Wants to be in My Lap :^)

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Hi Folks,


I still find this hard to believe, but he just jumped into my lap, purring like crazy, and went to sleep.


He's an indoor-outdoor cat, and can go anywhere in the world that he wants to. He didn't even want to go out today because it's cold, icy, and snowy out. He ran right back up the stairs into my apartment. I'm working from home today, and busy on my computers. He came over, jumped into my lap, and settled right there.



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Wish my Wessie enjoyed sitting in my lap. Some cats are just like that. smile.gif
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Aw that's so sweet!  He knows a good place to be on an icky day!


Mooch and Noodles used to spend a lot of time in my lap when I'd be at the computer.  We got out of the habit when I was pregnant with my DD and it got uncomfortable.  Plus both haven't learned how to jump down without using their back claws... wink.gif  The snuggle time used to be wonderful though!

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Mine wants to be wrapped around my neck when I'm on the computer... then another wants to sit in front of the screen. I suppose it's a good thing that ALL 6 aren't lap kitties. smile.gif

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My cat wants to be where I am, all.the.time. When I adopted him I was told he loved to cuddle and is a purr monster. I've been around cuddly cats, but he is extreme cuddly (not that I'm complaining - I love it!!). When I'm sitting at the desk in the morning doing my makeup or eating breakfast, he is in my lap. When I'm sitting on the couch he is either lying on my chest or sitting on my shoulder (kitten parrot lol). When I'm in the kitchen, he cries until he gets picked up. Cuddle bugs are adorable! 

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