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My Crappy Morning

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It's only 8:22a and I'm having a crappy day. I did not sleep one wink last night, because, like a twelve year old, I was nervous about the first day of classes. I'm in my fourth year of college... *sigh* Then, before getting in the shower, I find two little water bugs. I'M DEATHLY AFRAID OF BUGS!!! But, I kill them. Then I give the shower curtain a look over to see if there are any more lurking around. Once all is clear I get in the shower only to notice, some 5 minutes later, a BIG BLACK BUG on the shower curtain! I readjusted the shower head and stood waaaay back in the back of the tub(and took the fastest shower of my life!)... got out, shut the door, put a towel under the door and left a note for the boyfriend to kill it when he gets home. Then, I took my pill at 7a... at 7:07a I was brushing my teeth (in the kitchen) and must have brushed too far back on my tounge b/c my pill went down the drain. Then, while driving to school, I got cut off 3 times. *sigh*
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As if all that wasn't bad enough, you start school before Labor day.
Ick, at least I have another week. And if it helps in the slight I still get nerves to, I'm going to be in my last year for bachlors degree and still have to try on all my "new school clothes" to see which is best.

oh, and SCREAM on the bugs..
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Hi Jillian! How exciting to be in your 4th year of college! Sounds like your morning is normal life stuff! Not to minimize your feelings. You're just stressed sweetie. So everything seems magnified! I do empathize with you because I can react the same way when I'm stressed! Don't you hate it when people cut you off though? A couple months ago someone cut me off very short on the freeway. I had to stomp on my bakes and there was the highway patrol behind me. The guy that cut me off proceeded to move to the next lane and cut another person off. The UHP turned their lights on and the stupid idiot was busted! YAAAAAAY, finally there was a cop around when I needed one!
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Oh man, I hate the med-taking and then brushing of the teeth elimination of them. I have that happen occasionally. I feel for you.
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Originally posted by TTMom
Oh man, I hate the med-taking and then brushing of the teeth elimination of them. I have that happen occasionally. I feel for you.
I guess the med taking and then elimination of the pills thing is too common place for me! Happens all the time. Not because of brushing my teeth though. Sometimes my esophogus starts spasming and then my pills come right back up! It sucks! Happens with food for me too. You'd think I'd weigh 100 pounds because of it, but no such luck!
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Yeah, occasionally it happens with me when taking them too.

Haven't had it happen with food though.
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You know, the thing is, I'm really not all that stressed. I'm always a little anxious on the 'first day of school' but the stress won't start for at least another week. All in all it was just a horrible morning. I could have delt with it all if the bug thing hadn't occured... that was the straw that broke the camel's back!!!

55Dali- it does suck going back to class before Labor Day, but we also finish up kinda early, so in the end it's worth it. I got an entire 2 new pair of pants for school, and only got those because I'm not allowed to wear jeans to my on campus job. Otherwise, no new clothes for me )= Hopefully I'll get some new clothes once my birthday rolls around!!!
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Hope your day is getting better.
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If it makes you feel any better. . . . my daughter went back yesterday. . . started her 4th year of college today.

She had all her books selected for purchase. . . and found out that they totaled over $500! (She was planning on $350 max - and didn't have me deposit enough $ into her checking account - so she put some books back). As it was, we barely had enough scraped up to afford $350. College is fun. I can't wait until she is out. She's talking Grad School though. . . . and marriage in the fall of 2004. Uggh.

She has been stressing big time today (Instant Messaged me earlier).

She has 7 classes this fall. . . . has to make some up because she got mono last Spring which threw a wrench in her entire Spring Semester.
She works on campus also. . .

Once you get settled in and back into a routine you'll be fine. It takes a few weeks.

As for the bug-phobia. I have a little bit of one myself.
A spray bottle of water & dish detergent works great (especially for spiders).

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I'm sorry you had a bad day. I understand what is like, trust me. I feel bad for you!
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Thanks for all the kind words... The day got progressively better and now, the bug is dead, so I'm alright (=
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I'm glad to hear it got better!!! I HATE bugs!!! And water bugs....UGGGGG...they are nothing but glorified cockroaches in my opinion!!! We have water bugs here too and they are almost an inch long and FLY!!!! I am TERRIFIED of the dang things!!!!!

I hope the rest of the week goes better for you!!! *hugs*
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