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New kitchen setup: functional with optimum window viewing...

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Hey, all!


I just wanted to show off what the boys and I concocted as we wait for the snow to arrive in here in the northeast. 1bluewinky.gif


Our old window setup used to look like this:




As you can see, even a month ago Harvey's almost as big as Crumb... and their window perch was getting smaller by the second! It's just one of those 3 level cat trees, and I got it for Crumb when he was a baby. We don't have a lot of room in our 2br railroad, but the boys love to sit by the back window, because it opens up to the backyards of all the houses on our block. The front window has cars and people, both of which make Crumb nervous. rolleyes02.gif So I decided to do a little rearranging and adding, with the help of Ikea...




Functional AND spacious! 4 types of recycling, a bathmat, and then the perch on top. As long as Crumb doesn't get brave enough to try to jump over the coatrack to the top of the fridge (which he's already contemplated), it's amazing! They can either sit on the mat together, or the perch gives them a whole new backyard to watch. I had thought about getting rid of the perch altogether, but when I tried to move it by the front door, Crumb sat on top of it and wouldn't move. laughing02.gif Luckily, DB suggested the stacking! We have to move the red carpeted one to use the stove, but that's only a couple times a week at best.


Do any of you have a great setup for window viewing? I'm thinking of getting a normal window perch for the front window in the bedroom, since the TV tray we've been using is growing similarly too small.


Any experience with these?

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Crumb & Harvey are SO cute in their sweaters! heartpump.gif And they look very happy on their perch.


I wanted to get a window perch when I moved, but the only window I have in the tiny 1-bedroom is IN the bedroom, and now blocked by a nightstand. laughing02.gif I've got a sliding glass door in the living area, but I've also got a wall right outside of it enclosing my little patio area. My only solution was to save enough to finally get Holland the condo I've wanted to get her forever. The highest perch allows them to see out the sliding door AND over the wall:




Plus, it keeps them off the AC unit (well, mostly):




And they do like to sit on the nightstand by the window in the bedroom, too. I just don't have any pictures of that. laughing02.gif

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Great solution! They'll probably spend most of their time there now. We have window perches in the kitchen (front of the house) and the living room (overlooking the backyard), and Jamie spends half his time on one or the other. This is the one in the LR. What he really likes about it is that the radiator is right under the window sill.

His perch in the kitchen is smaller because of the double window: I keep it covered with a towel because that size isn't available any longer, and the bigger ones are a little bit too thick to easily open the window. He really loves it when the window is completely open in good weather (we have Pet Screen).

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They are so cute smile.gif

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Looking good place to hang out day and night.

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I realized the other day that I still had an old window perch tucked away, so I've expanded the one in the living room by putting two side by side:




Jamie really enjoys stretching out on his "window sofa"..
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