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Cat Just Spayed, How long do I leave "cat cone" on??

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Just got my cat, Lola, spayed, chipped yesterday.  Considering she just had surgery, she seems to still have a lot of energy.


How long do I leave this thing on?  I took it off this morning for 4 seconds and she started licking her sutures.  






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Unless she's licking excessively at her incision, I would take it off.  I've never had to use a cone for any of my girls when they were spayed.

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Sorry, just had to laugh at that "cone".  Isn't that a paper plate?  Pretty ingenious, of someone, although I wouldn't think it would last very long.  Anyway, in answer to your question, didn't the vet give you instructions on that?  If not, can't you call them and ask, especially if she IS licking it excessively?

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If she is licking the wound, then leave the ruff (it looks just like a ruff!) until the stitches come out, usuallty around ten days. Both my boys have taken their own stitches out in the last month - they do it very easily, and then they end up back at the vet.
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Yeah I also had to laugh when I saw the photo, sorry!


If she is licking when you take it off, leave it on. I would suggest asking the vet how long it should stay on, explain that she was licking. One of my cats had to get on antibiotics because she licked her incision and pulled out a stitch so I would be cautious about taking it off too soon...

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The good news at my vet is that they don't use any external stitches, just glue, so there's nothing to pull out.  They do tell you to watch the cat, though.

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AWWW I had to giggle a little to at that picture. First of all - she is absolutely adorable love.gif and the paper plate - well - that is just the most original idea I have ever seen to use in place of the Elizabethan collars. Pretty clever biggrin.gif. I have never used a collar for any cat after spay or neuter surgeries. Most kittens/cats will lick a little but then leave the incision alone. If she is excessively licking then I agree that you should keep using the "plate" laughing02.gif...... Good luck with your adorable baby vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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I don't have any information to provide regarding your questions, but I just had to comment after seeing the picture!! She is such a beauty!!! 

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She sure is looking like she's saying, "Why, mama?"

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I agree I would take it off and see if she licks excessively, if she does then put it back on.  A little licking is fine.  I used to foster cats and kittens and have gone through many, many spay and neuter surgeries and I've never had to use a cone.

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Sorry for the late response, but Thanks for all the input!  She healed up nicely.  But here's one more picture during that rough patch.  Lola's true feelings:





Nice stink eye.

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The struggles of the cone: They're REAL!
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