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Back on January, I went off the depo provera shot, and switched to Mircette (b/c pill). I weighed around 194 back then. Over the last few months, it's fallen off. Today, I weighed myself & it said 178! A month and a half ago, I weighed 187. I've also cut back on the soda and salt, and take my lunches to work.
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yea , my congrats to you
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Good for you!

I am on depo injections and have gained a lot of weight since starting them. Is this a side effect of the shots?
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Yup, Sue, big side effect of Depo. Unfortunately. I loved being on Depo, but couldn't because my new insurance wouldn't cover it. I had the double whammy of Depo and Paxil, both of which cause weight gain. Easy to put on, not so easy to take off.

Good for you Tigger!
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Congrats to you!!! That is great!!!!!
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congrats Kim! I'm so glad for you!!!
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