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DIY outdoor cat feeder?

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Hi all,


Weather is getting cold and I am thinking about building a weather proof outdoor cat feeder for strays, have anyone done this before?  I would like to get some idea from you.


Edit, I am located in Canada and it can be pretty bad with all the ice, snow, rain and wind.  So I need it to be as weather proof as possible.



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Buy some large Tote tubs - one larger than another.  Like a 33-gal, and a 30 gal size.


Cut an entry hole in each of them - matching both holes' locations.


Put insulation around the sides, and bottom of the larger tub, and then put the smaller tub inside the larger one. 


You'll need to punt here - but - this is just for Starter Ideas. laughing02.gif


Put the lid on the small one, and then add insulation on top of the smaller one, adding the lid of the larger one.


You'll have to figure out how to make it better, like where to put it, the ease of adding food, etc.


Maybe a small watt light bulb would help keep it warm enough not to freeze?  If you think that's a good idea, then you'll probably need another hole or more? smile.gif


Where you locate the feeder - out of the wind, etc., might also be beneficial.


I'd try to find a way to shelter the opening, too ... okay, there you go --- maybe someone else will see this thread, now and have a better idea.  laughing02.gif

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Here is some great ideas from Urban Cat League. You can modify them as you like to suit your needs for the cats. wavey.gifwink.gif
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