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what would you think

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Ok, I work at a cabinet company as a builder service rep. I take calls from the supers, key new cabinets, key replacement parts, scan completed tickets into system. I've been doing this for a year. My area brough in around $500,000 last month alone, being the busiest in the company. On Friday, my supervisor (he is a sales manager taking over for the supervisor until the next one comes back) and decided all of a sudden to make me a "floater." This means I will not be a builder service rep, but being a floater for the bsr's if someone is out sick etc. So, of course this upset me. My service tech would be scheduled for 6-7 hours of service a day, and he'd roll tickets (ones to be done that day, but he didnt get to them) and then of course, the builders would call me up asking why service was not taken care of. Anyways, around lunch I had a chat w/ my super and told him how I felt. He said they decided to move me because I am the most dependable one, etc. I said you'd have to look at it my point as if I were 2 steps closer to being let go, and he said, no, that that is not the case. From what I gather, they dont trust anyone else, but it's hard to think that. What sucks is instead of not being told what to do, I'm going to be told what I have to do each day. I got a 6% raise, which I brough that up, and he said me and some other person are the only ones who got that high of a raise, and that the average was between 2%-3%.
Anyways, needless to say, I've already started to look for a new job. I go for an interview tomorrow.
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A 6% raise is nothing to sneeze at, especially in this economy. Seriously. If they are telling you that you are dependable, that's a good thing. They may beat around the bush with other terms, but that one is usually a good sign.

Unless you just really hate what your new duties are, I think it sounds like a step up. But I don't know the whole situation.
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I'm not "sneezing" about the raise part. It's the fact they took me from my own area, and are making me a floater.... A floater. They could have easily taken somebody with less time than me, or longer time. All I got from them is that I am there every single day, and they can count on me. You also have to look at it from my perspective of afraid of losing a job. Oh, and nother part of it was something about communication, which was completely beyond my control. The previous FSR that I had, we NEVER had a problem communicating. The one that I have now, used to be an installer. And, I did bring that up, and they said they are going to look at that. Ya, I am probably one of the best people they have, but I shouldnt be considered a "floater."
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That really stinks. But I would think about quitting really hard because their aren't many jobs that good and that pay well out there...at least not in my area. I hope things will get better for you. It does sound like they value you as an employee or they wouldn't have given you such a good raise!
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Sounds like to me that they like you and find you dependable. And a 6% raise is pretty darn good! The average job maxes raises at 5% usually!

I'd stay where you are, jobs are few and far between nowadays
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6% raise is great! I got the highest raise at my last company and that was 4%.

Isn't it hard being the dependable one though?
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How about 2 cents from a small business owner? Around here, if we give you a job as a floater and raise your pay, we REALLY like your work and know we can depend on you. When we use someone that way, we have to know that is is someone that is dependable, trustworthy, smart, will get the job done as needed w/o a lot of questions, etc.
As a matter of fact, on paper, I am the Secretary of the corparation, but technically, I am a floater too, If something needs done, guess who gets called? But you find a lot of people that you cannot trust with the job and the responsibilties that come with moving around from job to job during the day. So take the 6% raise and enjoy the experience !
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