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saved cat from declaw!

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Okay, I saved one cat from being declawed, but the other sister in law is being a bitch. 'She has too many expensive things in the house.' She is not willing to put in the effort of training the cat to use a post. What do you do with someone like that? It is no big deal to her. One week of pain and then they get over it. This will be done at the same time as the spaying. I feel so sorry for the poor kitten. She is an identical twin to Amber. Her daughter does not want her to get declawed either. But, that doesnt matter. Once she makes up her mind, its turned into law.
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Oh this makes me so mad! I can't believe that declawing is legal here. There is not much you can do if you have tried to educate them and asked them to change their minds. The worst part is that I can't believe there are vets that will still do it.
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Try to educate her. Send her some links from here. You can do a search here on declaw and find a million threads with a lot of information.
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There are no vets in Illinois that will not, as a rule, declaw. I cant wait for it to become illegal.

But maybe theres hope...http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/...in552649.shtml

I will try but I dont think she cares. I told her today that if she didnt want a cat with claws I will take her. But she said she wants the cat and once it gets declawed it will be ok. (No more trouble, or future trouble, with cat claws.)
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