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that was so touching... i'm bringing the kitty home....
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This is so very touching. The words to the sond also match so perfectly, makes is even stronger.
I wish I could safe them all.
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bumping for those who haven't seen this.

Just hearing the song, even without the video, tears me up inside.
I wish I could adopt and save them all...
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I saw this recently and, like all of you, absolutely cried my eyes out. I'd heard the song before but thinking about how all of the homeless animals would be thinking that when they're saved made it that much more poignant ("I don't know who you are but I'm with you.." !!! ). I'm also putting it on my website in hopes that it will spur some people into action.
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Bumping this for those who haven't seen it, or want to see it again...

I cry every time.
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I have this link in my siggie as some of you have already noticed.Every time I watch this I bawl.I can't hardly lisen to that song on the radio anymore either.
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I wonder if Avril Lavigne has heard that her song has been put to such a touching and wonderful use. I would hope she had no objections.
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I was at Pet Smart today getting goodies for the Blues Brothers and there were about 8 cages of cats/kittens up for adoption. Sometimes don't you wish you could save them all? At we have given a warm, loving home to our guys. We rescued them froma shelter. Wish more people would...
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I wish I had the property and wherewithal to rescue more cats. We really are at capacity, we are very lucky that everyone gets along and there is no spraying or fighting.

I wish I could save them all. I have to keep reminding myself that I can't, but I can do the most I possibly can to help them. That's why we volunteer at the shelter to maintain their Petfinder site, we go in twice weekly to photograph and get info on new arrivals, and find out who's been adopted (or, sadly, euthanized. We agonize over all of those.)

I just wish I could do more...
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I can't look at stuff like this because it just
breaks my heart
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Tybalt and I were out shopping over the weekend, and in one of the stores they were playing "I'm With You" overhead. Our eyes met and we both got all misty-eyed. We left the store real quickly, murmuring that we had to get home to pet our kitties! I was afraid I was going to burst into tears in the store.
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very very touching website....made me teary
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Ok, while I am waiting for this to laod, why don't we all have a big cat group hug.
Ok, I am back. What can I say, yes, I have tears in my eyes too. Real men do shed tears. This reminds me of the many years I spent feeding 2 homeless cats in a park about 10 miles from here. Me and a lady friend were able to catch them and have them both spayed. But, they were just too wild to live in a home. I tried with one, but it would not eat without her sister and the other one at the park would not eat either, without the other one there. So, they lived in the park and every day, I drove there and made sure they had food, no matter what the weather. I even warmed the water and food in the winter and we built little shelters for them. After 5 years, they would still come around when they saw me, but would hardly eat, if at all. They looked good, I think they eventually found a home to hang around and must have been fed there. I hope so anyway. A lot of people would ask me why would I go a feed them. I would tell them I have too, they need love. If you could only see the look in their beautiful eyes that said...thank you
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It was a very moving video. Nearly msde me cry.

Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you for sharing that! Very moving! I would have kept the message at the end even shorter - Spay and Neuter your cats!!! Leaving the breeders out of this. Ethical breeders are not the cause of the overpopulation problem IMHO. The problem is with the average pet owner who doesn't spay/neuter on time and with authorities not treating the feral cats problem the way they should (TNR rather than rounding them up and killing them).

Anyway, very well done! Brought tears to my eyes as well - thanks again for sharing the link.
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I agree with you Anne on the ethical breeders. My wife and I breed Pixie Bobs, but on a very small scale and before they leave here to go to their new home, they are spayed or neutered. The only time we don't, is when they are going to another Pixie Bob breeder who is TICA registered. Their new homes are screened too.
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