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My "Cat disliking" Boss

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A couple of years ago, my boss told me he didn't really like cats that much. He was a dog person. Then his wife wanted a kitten. She went down to a local no-kill shelter that only took in cats. She couldn't decide between 2 cats. She called my boss to come help her decide.


That was the day he brought home TWO kittens. Brother and sister. He felt they should not be separated. They were soon spayed and neutered and they clawed and purred their way into my boss's heart. I always ask him how the kitties, now about 2 years old, are doing. He will proudly pull out his cell phone and show me their pictures or tell me of some antic they did.


A couple of months and friendly stray showed up, very much pregnant. What did my boss do? Took the mama and kittens in. Spayed mama after kittens were weened. Found her and all but one of the kittens good homes. He kept the one kitten.


When one of those whiskered purring bundles of fluffy love gets a person wrapped around their paws, that person becomes a cat lover for life!

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Awwww, how sweet! I know exactly how your boss feels... I labored for over 35 years under the delusion that I didn't like cats. Now I can't get enough of them.

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There are so many people that's happened to. Their lack of experience leads them to believe the stereotype of selfish loners, but all it takes is one little feline to convince them otherwise.
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Your boss sounds like a sweetie!


For years Rick's sister and BIL were "dog people". They didn't understand our fascination with our furkids. Cats were OK, but nothing could compare to a dog. A few years ago, Clancy (their black lab) made friends with a little kitty, George. Clancy invited George into the house and it turned out that George was really Georgina and she was also pregnant. Enter Hannah, Manny, and Mo! Clancy passed away soon after the kittens were born. My SIL vows that Clancy brought Georgina into the house because he knew he didn't have much longer and he wanted his mom and dad to be happy.


And they are. Georgina and her kids are the loves of their lives. They're always ready to pull out their cell phones with picture after picture of their feline clan. When my SIL calls me about something, we'll probably spend 30 minutes just talking about the kids. One night she called me to tell me something about Rick's mom....we talked about the cats for about 45 minutes or so and then hung up. She had to call me back because she forgot to tell me why she originally called me. smile.gif

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Wonderful story.  I love it when people "convert".  clap.gif

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Love those conversion stories.   People just don't give cats a chance - and they don't know the love that they're missing.   

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