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Noddy is "Naughty"

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I swear this kitten is going to be the death of me! She has a new form of entertainment, and it is called Poop Flinging!

Let me explain. Now when I go in to clean up the litterboxes, she follows me and sits in the middle of the box that I happen to be scooping. When I have a scoopful of kitty waste, she takes her paw and presses down on the scoop, then slips her paw away quickly and the poop goes FLING across the room!

I wonder if the Olympic judges would be interested in her athletic abilities?

I have to shut the door on her, because if I don't I have to waste my time and go and look for the treasure that should have stayed buried!
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OMG!!! Naugty Noddy! How funny!
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THAT i would love to see
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That's funny. Noddy is truly one naughty cat.
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that is soooooo funny , to bad I was not there to see that
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That's a hoot! But you don't DARE laugh -- it'd only encourage her!
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OMG! A CAT-apult!

ducking for cover....
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Does she jump into the empty box and pee, before you get the fresh litter in it? That's Rowdy's trick.
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I wish I was there to see that!!
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OMG!! That is hilarious! Poop flinging!!! Hope you duck fast!
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Noddy is truley Naughty Hey out for low flying land mines
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LOL! Ewwwww and who picks it up when it's on the other side of the room?

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