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Welcome lotsocats!

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I have read many of your posts in the other forums, and you always have good advice to give. I just wanted to say

Welcome to the Lounge!

The talk isn't always about cats in here, but it is all about friends!

Glad you have joined us!

:rainbow: :bubbly: :girly2: :girly1:
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Yes, Lotsocats, WELCOME ! How many cats are lots?

The more the merrier, I always say!!!

Come on in and tell us ALL ABOUT ALL of THEM. . . . .

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! I can't wait to hear more about your kitties!

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Hello Lots of cats!! Welcome to the most wonderful site on the web! Kitties galore! We love it - you can talk about anything here but we always especially love to hear about.....CATS! Visit as much as you can we'd all love to hear from you and your babies!

(By the way we like the smilies on this site so expect to get alot!)
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Welcome lotsocats!!!! What other forums are you a member of...I don't think I have met you yet....
*shakes hands*
Glad you have joined us here!
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Wow! I'm blushing! Thanks for the warm welcome!

I have five cats. Four were feral and one was a stray who we rescued back in March. They are all 8 to 10 years old (3 females, 2 males). The stray we rescued has had a hard life. He has a leg that was broken at some time in his past and healed on its own. So his leg is crooked and his back end on that side is pretty shrunken from lack of use. He was starving to death when we found him, but after lots of vet visits and lots of TLC he is doing great now. Introducing him to the rest of the herd was a long process but it has gone quite well.

Thanks again for the welcome! Y'all made my day!
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I have a brother who lives in Lexington...is that anywhere near you?
I haven't been out to see him since I was 15, I am 35 now. But not because I don't want to...lack of funds to fly there, basically. When I was 15, mom and dad were still alive and paid for it!
But I remember how beautiful it was there...and I want to go back SO bad! I can still see the miles and miles of white picket fences with the most greenest grass you have ever seen! Maybe that's why they call it bluegrass....it is so green it almost looks blue!!!!
And back then my brother took me to see a big race horse farm, and I enjoyed it SO much... I miss Kentucky...
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I'm about 4 hours away from Lexington. I'm much closer to Nashville, TN. You're right about KY being beautiful. It was a real change for me....I'm from Florida, which is were I've lived most of my life. But, I love it here, even though I live in the middle of nowhere!
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