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Echinacea purpurea for cats?

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Sorry to make so many threads here, but what can I say.. I worry and want the best for Monet!


I saw this page while googling immune boosters.. and it says Echinacea purpurea has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. I think this may be OK for Monet's fungal issues. my vet's office is closed so I can't call at the moment.


Has anyone given these to your cats? if so, what kind/brand? can you link me please?


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Sorry, haven't tried any of these. I'll bump this up in hopes that someone who has tried them drops in.
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I know some folks in the herpes group give this to their kitties, but only when they are having a flare up & only for two weeks.  It can be dangerous to keep them on it longer.  In all honesty, if you're feeding a good diet, your kitties will be fine.  They'll be healthy enough to fight off infections and the like.  If you want to give them a dietary supplement, I recommend Missing Link.  It's what my vet recommended to me and my kitties like it.  We've been giving it to them for the past 4 years.  When we added Tumbles to the mix last year, we started him on it as well.  We also feed a grain-free diet.  Hannah, my herpes kitty, does get Lysine in her food twice daily to help with that.  Once a week, I give them an omega-3 capsule (Wellactin), but I split it between the 2 kitties.

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Thanks for the response! After reading your input I decided against it. Doesn't seem like the right thing for Monet after all
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