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My kitten has these occasional sneezing fits. At soem point in the day, she'll sneeze about 8 times in a row. Then shell sneeze once or twice more during the day. Should I be worried? Do you think she has a cold? Help!!
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If there is some sn** (cant spell it)coming out I would go to the vet with the cat . It may just come from the dust , some cats are sensitive to that .
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how are her eyes? Is there discharge coming out of her nose or eyes? Is she eating? drinking? using the litter box okay? Is she lethargic, does she have a fever?

You can use that new Febreeze that is out and spray it around your house, it cuts down on allergens. You might also want to consider getting a small machine that does a powerful job. Here is alink:

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she does have a little bit of discharge from nose and eyes, but shes had that since shes been getting her shots (shes only 4 months old) so its not like that is something new. she eats drinks and uses the litterbox. no fever from what i can tell. You think its just allergies? or should i take her to the vet in case of cold?
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I would take her to the vet , it sounds like she may got a cold .
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Sounds like a URI (cold) She might need antibiotics.
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My cat, Stinkie, does that sometimes. He has allergies. He is allergic to fleas and some of the dust and pollen outside. When he gets around certain bushes or flowers that sometimes triggers the sneezing. Maybe you can talk to your vet about it.
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I have the occasional sneezes from my kittens so had them checked out by the vet. Clean bill of health but thought it could be slight allergies. Your vet will be the best to judge - don't assume it is allergies until you rule out a URI.
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Emo and Easter (5 months old) both do that if they get into a particularly dusty corner of the house, a bit of discharge comes out of their nose, but our vet told us that it's perfectly normal
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I have a 1yr Rag Doll, ever since I brought Gradey home, he has had a sneeze fit atleast once a day, And once he is almost all done sneezing a HUGE Sn somce out. I did take him to the Vet, and she put him on an anti-biotic, along with some eye cream for his left eye which tears, when he plays.

Just today Gradey had a sneezing fit, this time there was blood that came out with his SN. Im kinda nervous..

He eats like a horse and drinks plenty.

Any Ideas??????????
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