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flea larvae on the white bed sheets help (cedarcide questions)

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my cat (princess,18) sleeps with me and i can see these little worm things i assume are flea larvae she leaves flea eggs everywhere she goes i can feel them on her when i pet her i think there in the carpet im considering treating her and the carpet (her bedding) with cedarcide best yet flea spray can someone that has used best yet give me some info on it? do i treat here litter box? or replace all the littler i dont know the exact measurements of the room let say its big enough to fit about 4 queen sized beds shes a indoor cat but i do take her outside would i have to respray her everytime?
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First, I've been reading on Cedarcide's website, and despite what they say about "their" cedar oil being nontoxic to cats, as opposed to other kinds, I still would never spray my cats, or anything they contact, with it.

If your kitty is indoor/outdoor, she needs Revolution, Frontline or another brand's equivalent applied every month, or she WILL have fleas, mites, and likely worms. Please don't use the cheap Hartz brands as they've been shown to have negative side effects on some cats, including death.
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I've not used Cedarcide, but I agree with speakhandsforme that if she's an indoor outdoor cat your best bet would likely be a spot-on treatment, like Revolution or Frontline. Most sprays only treat the immediate fleas, but don't prevent new eggs from hatching, as a few weeks after treatment, you have fleas again. The spot-on's prevent re-infection for 1 month per treatmen, so you wouldn't have to worry about constantly treating her.


It's probably a good idea to talk to your vet about ongoing flea treatment. That way both you and kitty can stay comfortable year round and you don't run the risk of tapeworms, which are almost a guarantee if a cat has fleas for any length of time.


Good luck!

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so those little worm things are tapeworms? ive seen these flea egg cases that are long that makes me think the worms are larvae

ive read you should treat the area first the the cat i dont wanna use anything toxic

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Originally Posted by 3questions View Post

so those little worm things are tapeworms?

No, Ms. Freya said that fleas are a good indicator that your cat has a tapeworm. Fleas are tapeworm hosts, so every additional flea your cat has means there is a higher chance she also has a tapeworm.

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